Staff with Disabilities Network

Our aims

  • To support the development of a positive culture for staff with disabilities at the University of Plymouth.
  • To act as an information/welcome point for all colleagues with disabilities.
  • To provide an opportunity for staff with disabilities to network both inside and outside the University and to offer possibilities for social and professional peer support and mentoring for all staff.
  • To advise and give feedback on University policy development and associated practice.

Disability toolkit

Do you want to learn more about disabilities but not sure where to begin? The Staff with Disabilities Network has worked with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team to put together a range of information and resources to inform, support and entertain.
From podcasts to policy and films to books the toolkit is for anyone who wants to learn more about living with a disability to better support their friends, colleagues and students.
Access the toolkit here (University log-in required)

Ally For Staff

To help support staff with accessibility improvements and the use of Ally, a series of workshops will be facilitated by Digital Education.

These workshops will: 

  • introduce key considerations for accessibility, including the change in recent legislation and what this means for teaching and learning content. 
  • Demonstrate Ally for Moodle along with tips and tricks on creating accessible content. 
  • These workshops support the materials we have updated on the DLE, 'Creating Accessible Content'.  

If you have any queries or concerns, then email the team via 


Useful Links

  • - post Covid-19 Reopening Guidance with Disability Access Focus which highlights a lot of the systemic changes that can be made to make workplaces safer.