Black History Month

Black History Month takes place in October and the University of Plymouth is proud to support this celebration of black achievements in the UK with a month-long season of events. 
The origins of Black History Month go back to the United States in 1920, and nearly 100 years later this worldwide event still takes place annually and the UK marks Black History Month in October every year. This month is a time for everyone to come together to celebrate Black contributions to British society, as well as fostering a greater understanding of Black history.
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Celebrating our Sisters, Saluting our Sisters, and Honouring Matriarchs of Movements

"The theme of ‘Saluting our Sisters’ highlights the crucial role that black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities. This year’s celebration will showcase pioneering black women who have made remarkable contributions to literature, music, fashion, sport, business, politics, academia, social and health care, and more."
Black History 
*Film nights at the University of Plymouth: please email for further details and to register attendance.

Black History Month at The Charles Seale-Hayne Library

Find our display on Level 1 (close to the entrance gates) which will showcase specially selected books and eBooks for Black History Month as well as information about the book and author. 
Not on campus? We have compiled an online reading list with details of our selection of Black History Month books. 
BHM Library

Tackling racism on campus: Raising awareness and creating the conditions for confident conversations

Advance HE is a member-led, sector-owned charity that works with institutions and higher education across the world to improve higher education for staff, students and society. 
Advanced HE has created a set of resources for institutions to use in tackling racism on campus as part of the wider project, Tackling racism on campus: Raising awareness and creating the conditions for confident conversations, an Advance HE Project funded by SFC and led by an expert group of EDI practitioners, academics, tertiary education staff, and students.

Black Lives Matter 

The University of Plymouth places great importance on equality, diversity and inclusion and has made strides in enacting our zero-tolerance pledge against all forms of abuse, harm and hate including racism in whatever form it presents itself. In direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement we have donated funds to both Plymouth Hope to support their work in the local BAME community and Plymouth Pride to support their work with LGBT+ asylum seekers in Plymouth. We continue to be a long-standing supporter of Diversity Business Incubator in Plymouth by providing resource and staffing to help in their work with local BAME entrepreneurs.
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