Staff Parents and Carers Network
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Welcome to the Staff Parents and Carers Network

The Staff Parents and Carers Network welcomes new members from across the University. We recognise that some aspects may be more important than others to our members, and possibly evolve over time. For example, members might be interested in any of the following:

  • Balancing work demands against their children’s childcare or developmental needs across different age groups.
  • Hearing about local services and activities, and any experiences that others have had of them.
  • Seeking information and support as new/expectant parents.
  • Connecting with other parents of children with SEND.
  • Peer support among current and former carers.
  • Obtaining support and guidance as a new, short-term or long-term carer.

Staff Carers Network Support

You don’t need to be formally recognised as a carer by the Government or Benefit Agency to join the Staff Parent and Carers Network. If you balance work commitments with caring responsibilities for an ill, elderly or disabled family member, friend or partner and are interested in connecting with others in a similar position, the Staff Carers Network is for you.

Staff Parents Network Support

Our Staff Parents Network Support page offers sources of information and support relating specifically to members of staff who are expectant parents or parents to children of any age, including

  • Useful links
  • University policies and procedures
  • General government guidance and support
  • Campus facilities