Professor Christopher Mitchell

Professor Christopher Mitchell

Professor in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health and Human Sciences)


I am a cognitive psychologist working in the areas of learning, memory and attention. My main research focus has been on the role of high-level cognitive processes in human associative learning. I have also published on perceptual learning and liking. 


I obtained my BSc and PhD in psychology from University College London (1987-1995). I then worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at UCL (1995-97) and a consumer scientist at Unilever Research, Portsunlight (1998-2000). A significant portion of my career was spent in beautiful New South Wales, Australia as a post-doc and then a member of staff at UNSW (2002-2011).  I then returned to beautiful Devon and joined the School of Psychology in Plymouth in 2011.

Teaching interests

I teach on a range of topics related to learning, including Pavlovian and instrumental conditioning, the role of controlled processes in learning, and the way learning affects health.  I also teach meditation.

Research interests

I have a range of projects related to associative learning:

1) Pavlovian-instrumental conditioning
2) Associative processes in Test-potentiated learning (TPL)
3) Conditioned inhibition
4) The role of uncertainty in associative learning

I also supervise two PhD students looking at:

1) Imagery and action
2) The effects of meditation on attentional processes

Key publications are highlighted

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