Dr Peter Jones

Dr Peter Jones

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)


Lecturer in Psychology


BSc (Hons.) Psychology, 2001, Cardiff University

PhD Psychology, 2005, Cardiff University

After completing my PhD, I spent seven years working as a postdoctoral researcher. I moved to the University of Nottingham in 2005 to carry out research examining mechanisms of learning, attention, and stimulus representation. I moved to Cardiff University at the beginning of 2012 to continue my research, and started my first teaching post in 2013 at Staffordshire University before moving to Plymouth later in the year.

Teaching interests

My teaching interests are quite varied! I am module leader for the following modules:

PSYC108PP: Psychobiological and cognitive aspects of health behaviour

PSYC204: Applied Topics in Health and Cognition

I give lectures as part of:

PSY155: Contemporary Topics in Social and Developmental Psychology

I also take personal tutorials, and supervise final year projects in Psychology.

Research interests

My research is concerned with basic psychological mechanisms, especially those related to learning and attention. I am particularly interested in examining the ways in which attention to individual stimuli changes, how these changes interact with what is learned, and how well existing computational models of learning can account for behaviour. I am also interested in everyday phenomena that are governed by these fundamental processes, and I have published work on topics ranging from navigation to the acquisition of food preferences.