Dr Alison Bacon

Dr Alison Bacon

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health & Human Sciences)


Lecturer in Psychology

Msc Psychology programme lead


BSc Psychology (First Class): 2000
Post-graduate Diploma in Psychological Research Methods (Distinction): 2001
PhD: Thesis title: "Individual Differences and Strategies for Human Reasoning": 2003

Professional membership

Associate Fellow of British Psychological Society (Chartered Psychologist)

Member of BPS Divisions of Forensic and Social Psychology
Member of British Society for the Psychology of Individual Differences (BSPID)
Member of International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID)
Fellow of UK Higher Education Academy

Research interests

My principle research interests concern individual differences and the social and cognitive implications of these in everyday life. Personality, crime and forensic psychology, mental representations, imagery & creativity, Emotional intelligence. Risk-taking. Health. Dyslexia. Experience of Higher Education, particularly in non-traditional students. I am a member of the university Institute for Research in Crime, Justice and Society.

Grants & contracts

ESRC. £99, 798. April 2008 - August 2009. Award no. RES000222815. Bacon A.M. & Parmentier, F.B.R.  How do people with dyslexia remember visuo-spatial information?

ESRC. £99,910. Oct 2006 - March 2008. Award no. RES000221965. Bacon, A.M. & Handley, S.J. Dyslexia and the impact of strategy preference on reasoning.

ESRC, £46,000. September 2005 to August 2006. Award no. RES000221293. Evans, J., Bacon, A. &. Handley, S. An investigation of dual processes in conditional reasoning.

ESRC funded PhD studentship, October 2000-September 2003. Award no. R42200034033.Bacon, A.M. Individual Differences and Strategies for Human Reasoning.

Research groups

  • Centre for Research in Brain, Cognition and Behaviour (CBCB)
  • Cognition

Bond, B., Bacon, A.M. & Wright, J. (in press). What helps in self-help? A qualitative exploration of interactions within a Borderline Personality Disorder self-help group. Journal of Mental Health. 

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Conference Presentations

Bacon, A.M. & Lenton-Maughan. Trait emotional intelligence profiles of antisocial males and fermales. BPS Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference, Bristol 13-15 June 2017. 

Bacon, A.M. No Regrets: Psychopathy and counterfactual thinking. BSPID Annual Conference, 21 April 2017.

Colquhoun, B., Lord, A. & Bacon, A.M. A qualitative  evaluation of recovery processes experienced by menrally disordered sex-offenders. Broadmoor Hospital Clinical practice forum 10th Annual Conference, 1 July, 2016. 

Bacon, A.M. (2016).
Emotional intelligence and delinquent behaviour. BPS Division of Forensic Psychology Annual Conference, Brighton, 14-16 June 2016. 

Bacon, A.M. & Lenton-Maughan, L. (2016). The emotional intelligence profile of male and female delinquents. BSPID Annual Conference, Nottingham Trent University, April 2016.

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