eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly (EPIC) was a project led by the University of Plymouth funded by the European Regional Development Fund (2017 - 2023), which focused on strengthening the digital health ecosystem in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 
The project supported research and development-led growth in enterprises, whilst closely working with health and care users, workers, and commissioners to identify real world need, develop useful solutions and encourage adoption of technological developments in health and care, particularly eHealth.
By providing sector-specific hands-on business support for local businesses to develop new eHealth products and services, the project successfully created new jobs in the region and supported the local economy, whilst supporting the creation of truly useful innovations which could improve quality of life and boost wellbeing for many.

What do we mean by 'eHealth'?

eHealth is anything technological that can help with health and wellbeing, improve quality of life, help people to manage their long term conditions, and make life a little easier. eHealth is often called Health Tech too. 
Types of this technology include apps for mobile phones and tablets, programs such as Skype and FaceTime, or Virtual Reality simulations, but also encompasses sensors and wearable devices, humanoid robots such as Pepper, voice-controlled speakers, or even companion pets such as Paro the ‘comfort’ seal for people with dementia. 
ALIZ-E project: Nao robot and children. Study into how robots could act as companions for young children. the robots are to be tested in children's hospital's.

Centre for Health Technology

Bringing together digital health and health technology expertise from across the University to drive the development, evaluation and implementation of innovative technologies, products, services and approaches to transform health and social care.
Online tele medicine isometric concept. Medical consultation and treatment via application of smartphone connected internet clinic.

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