MOSAIC - Methodological solutions to support the Assessment of Individualised Care

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The delivery of person-centred care (PCC) has is now a priority for the National Health Service in England and for health systems across Europe. PCC strives to support the attainment of a person’s own realistic health and life goals by eliciting individuals’ values and preferences to guide all aspects of their health care. PCC has been shown to be effective at improving health outcomes and reducing service cost in patients with long-term conditions. Our project will develop and test a new questionnaire known as a computer adaptive test, capable of adapting questions to the person answering. This will reduce the need to ask unnecessary questions and improve the accuracy of the questionnaire. We will also use the computer adaptive test with a novel automated and interactive feedback tool that gives healthcare staff the information they need to continue improving care within their organisation. PREM-CAT will ensure that patients’ wants and needs are accurately represented to professionals, provide a robust way of measuring P3C.