Dr Gillian Glegg

Dr Gillian Glegg

Associate Professor in Marine Management

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Dr Glegg is an Associate Professor in the School of Biological and Marine Sciences working with the group of staff responsible for delivering the undergraduate programmes in Ocean Science and Marine Conservation, Oceanography and Coastal Processes and Ocean Exploration and Surveying alongside MSc programmes in Applied Marine Science, Hydrography and Marine Conservation. 

She is a lecturer in marine environmental management teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Her interests focus on the links between science and policy in the management of people's activities and impacts on marine and coastal waters including, for example, regulation and control of marine pollution from point sources such as industrial pipelines and sewage and diffuse pollution from agriculture and urban land; integrated coastal zone management and marine spatial planning. She teaches courses in basic chemistry, marine pollution, marine monitoring and management of the marine and coastal environment including coastal zone management and marine planning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

She is a member of MarCoPol - the Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Reseach within the Marine Institute at the University. She has been involved in a number of research projects including CAMIS, VALMER PEGASEAS and ResponSEAble. More information about these projects can be found through the MarCoPol website. 

Dr Glegg is on the Faculty Research Ethics Committee. She is also the Secretary for the Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association (ECSA).



 BSc (Hons) Chemistry (2.i) Department of Chemistry University of Edinburgh

 PhD Marine Chemistry entitled “Estuarine chemical reactivity at the particle water interface” Institute of Marine Studies, Plymouth Polytechnic

Professional membership

Member of International Water Association, Institute of Teaching and Learning and Secretary to the Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association. Recipient of a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship to study pollution management and control in Portugal, the Netherlands and the United States.



Teaching interests

Module leader for the following;

OS301 Ocean Science Dissertation module

OS309 Marine Pollution and Environmental Change

In addition Dr Glegg teaches on a range of modules across marine science including stage 1 chemistry for marine and environmental students, stage 2 marine chemistry, stage 2 water quality and marine pollution, the third year residential field trip to the Scilly Isles and acts as advisor to undergraduate and postgraduate research dissertations.



Research interests

The following projects, listed in reverse chronological order, demonstrate the range of research undertaken;

RESPONSEABLE Horizon 2020 project on ocean literacy. Developing targeted communication materials to raiseawareness of our individual and collective responsibility andinterest in ensuring the sustainability of the ocean and of its ecosystems.2015-2019. With Dr S Fletcher.

 Darwin Plus project – StHelena. Sustainable development andmanagement of St Helena’s fisheries and marine tourism. Research and trainingon ecosystem services and their role in future marine planning. 2015-2017. WithDr S Fletcher and Dr L Rodwell.

 PEGASEAS INTERREG IVa fundedcapitalisation project on Promoting Effective Governanceof the Channel Ecosystem. A consortium of 11 partners including localauthority, research institutes and Universities led by the Plymouth University(£1.2 million; 2013-2014). Joint PI. 

VALMER - Valuing Marine Ecosystem Services in the Western Channel Region,  an INTERREG funded project, led by Plymouth University to develop and implement a framework for incoporating ecosystem service valuation into management of the Channel area. Joint project leader with Dr Steve Fletcher. (2012-2015)

CAMIS - Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy, an INTERREG project funded thought Devon County Council in which she is responsible with Rebecca Jefferson for developing a Strategy for improved management of the Channel waters and development and running the Cross Channel Forum. (2009-2013)

SPICOSA - Science and Policy Integration for Coastal Systems Assessment, a Sixth Framework EU project on Global Change and Ecosystems working with Prof L Mee and Dr Chris Lowe. (www.spicosa.eu) (2008-2012)

Clean Waters Initiative - £15,000 received for a project entitled "Barriers to green buying" considering the problem of household products which are widely available and yet contain hazardous chemicals which raise concerns in coastal waters. In collaboration with Dr J Richards (UoP) and Surfers Against Sewage. (2004)

Seale Hayne Educational Trust - £1,900 received for a project entitled "Impact of nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) designation on farming practice and water quality in the EU; a preliminary study". In collaboration with Dr J Richards and Dr R Parkinson (UoP). (2003/4) Subsequently followed by £1,200 for a project entitled " Modelling future land use change scenarios for energy crops and their impact on diffuse nutrient pollution". (2006/7) 

ELOISE - A project to assist in the dissemination of the results from the European Land Ocean Interaction Studies to the community involved in the planning and management of our use of the coastal zones of Europe and our near neighbours. (2003/4) In collaboration with Norwegian Institute for Air Research, University of East Anglia, Nederlands Instituut voor Oecologuisch Onderzoek and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (total approx EUR 400,000).

Leverhulme Trust - £135,000 received for development of decision support tool to identify and quantify diffuse sources of pollution and test in Central America, New Zealand and Eastern Europe. In collaboration with Dr P Haygarth, Institute of Grassland Environment Research, Dr K MacLeod, IGER and Dr Jocelyn Dela-Cruz (UoP). (2003/4)

Global International Waters Assessment - responsible for the development of a web based approach to identification and quantification of point sources of pollution. (2000/2)

Regional Academic Programmes - funded by the British Council to work with Murmansk State Technical University to develop a new course on environmental protection for nautical cadets. (1999/03)

Atlantic Living Coastlines project - member of the steering group and chair of the working group concerned with environmental indicators for this EU demonstration project on Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

Implementation of government policy: the case of marine pollution - a study funded by the Natural Environment Research Council - undertaken as a PhD by Dr J Richards.

The use of biomarkers for the ecotoxicological assessment of complex effluents - a University funded PhD study undertaken as a PhD by Dr K Astley.


Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Freidrich, Laura. The potential of ecosystem services as an approach for marine stakeholder engagement. PhD awarded 2017. 

Hussein, Khwam R. Source tracking of faecal indicator bacteria of human pathogens in bathing waters: an evaluation and development. PhD awarded 2014.

Peckett, Francis. Spatial decision support tools to support marine planning, PhD awarded 2015.

Marshall, Charlotte. Species distribution modelling to support marine conservation planning. PhD awarded 2012. 

Popoola, Olusola. Sea level rise and sustainability of the Nigerian coastal zone. PhD awarded 2012.

Kelly, Claire L. Partnerships in the development and management of marine nature-based tourism. PhD awarded 2009.

Hughes Dit Ciles, Emily. Sustainable development in marine recreation. PhD awarded 2009.

Maier, Gerald. Investigating the effectiveness of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones Action Programme measures in estuaries. PhD awarded 2009.

Gallagher, Anthony. Sustainability Systems Appraisal for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Southampton Solent and Nottingham Trent University. PhD awarded 2006.

Abbott, Victor J. A regional coastal zone management system. PhD awarded 2000.

Richards, Jonathan P. Implementation of government policy: the case of marine pollution. PhD awarded 2001.

Astley, Katrina A. The ecotoxicological assessment of complex effluents using invertebrate biomarkers. PhD awarded 1998.

Grants & contracts

See research interests section



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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Other Publications
Lewin S Yealm Mapper data for QGIS. Open access