Mr Jason Lowther

Mr Jason Lowther

Associate Professor of Law

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Business)


Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Law



Teaching interests

Environmental Law, Tort law

Research interests

Environmental law (specifically sustainable development, marine environment, wildlife crime, habitat and conservation); Underwater Cultural Heritage law and policy; Tort law (especially nuisance); legal pedagogy (sustainability); drugs and the law

Other research


  • Torts Law Q&A, 2007 (and now 2008 and 2011) Cavendish (ISBN: 9780415425698)
  • Environment Law, EC ‘Da Vinci’, 2003, Slovakia (ISBN 80-8069-236-X)


  • Effectiveness, proportionality and deterrence: does criminalizing doping deliver? in Moller, Ed Encyclopaedia of Drugs in Sport (Routledge/University of Copenhagen) (In print). 


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  • Two Chapters (EU and International Law and Atmospheric Pollution) in Hughes, Environmental Law (4th Ed.), 2002, Butterworths (ISBN: 0 406 942919)


  • Criminal Law Regulation of Performance Enhancing Drugs: welcome formalisation or knee-jerk response? In O’Leary (Ed.), Drugs and Doping in Sport, Socio-Legal Perspectives, 2001, Cavendish (ISBN: 85941 6624)


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Lowther, J, Wildlife Crimes with Added Bite: Evaluating Recent Amendments to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Environmental law and Management, 13 [2001] 5 249

Reports & invited lectures

Invitations to speak at conferences/workshops

  • Society of Legal Scholars 2010 Conference, Primate Welfare and Conservation, Southampton University, September 2010.


  • Fifth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability – Sustainability as law: judges perceptions of sustainable development (With S Payne) – Mauritius – January 2009


  • Association of Law Teachers 44th Annual Conference – Law and sustainability (with J Sellick), Amsterdam, April 2009


  • Seventh International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities – Embedding sustainable development into the law curriculum: the Plymouth experience, (with J Sellick), Beijing, June 2009


  • IKUWA3 (UNESCO) 2008, Using EC regulation to manage UK Underwater Cultural Heritage, UCL London, 10th July 2008 (with M. Williams)


  • Third International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability - Are Judges Literate in Sustainability? (with S. Payne and J. Gray Donald) – Chennai – January 2007


  • Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference 2007 – ESD and Law at the University of Plymouth (with S. Payne) – April 2007 


  • Internet Trade in Endangered Species, British Society of Criminology, Glasgow (2006)


  • Internet Trade in endangered species, Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (DEFRA) annual seminar, London Zoological Society, March 2005 


  • Internet Trade in Endangered Species, 17th Annual UK Police and Customs Wildlife Enforcement Officer’s Conference, Tulliallan Castle, 8-9 October 2005


  • Nature Conservation and Legal Protection, British Council workshop held in Malaga, October 2003


  • Organised Crime involvement in Illegal Wildlife Trade, Royal Institute of International Affairs – Expert workshop on Environmental Crime, London, May 2002