Professor Neil Roberts

Professor Neil Roberts

Emeritus Professor

Faculty of Science and Engineering


B.A., Geography, Oxford, 1975

Ph.D., London (UCL), 1980

Honorary Doctorate, Ankara University, Turkey, 2018

Professional membership

Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers)

British Society for Geomorphology

History and Philosophy of Geography Study Group

Quaternary Research Association (Honorary Life Membership)

American Quaternary Association (AMQUA)

British Institute at Ankara

International Society for Diatom Research

American Geophysical Union

Roles on external bodies

Editor in Chief: Journal of Quaternary Science (Wiley) on behalf of the Quaternary Research Association

Research interests

Holocene environmental change, palaeolimnology, diatom and stable isotope analyses, environmental archaeology, Mediterranean and Africa

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Matthew Jones, Ph.D. 2004, "High-resolution records of climate change from lacustrine stable isotopes through the last two millennia in western Turkey’.
Amy Burgess. Ph.D. 2004, "The development of diatom-nutrient palaeolimnological inference models for UK lowland reservoirs".
Rebecca Turner, Ph.D. 2007 ‘Late Quaternary fire histories in the East Mediterranean region’.
Jessie Woodbridge, Ph.D. 2009 'Late-Holocene lake diatom-inferred palaeoclimate from central Turkey'
Zuzanna Stroynowski, Ph.D. 2009 A high-resolution climatic study of the Norwegian and Iberian shelves during the Late Holocene: a diatom perspective' 
Samantha Allcock, Ph.D. 2013 ‘Holocene climate variability and socio-evolutionary trajectories, central Turkey’

Emma Rice, PhD 2017, “Tracking Holocene changes in the southern hemisphere westerly wind belt from lakes and bogs in Tierra del Fuego”, NERC funded, co-supervised with T Daley.

Grants & contracts

recent grants

2006-2007        Blaustein Visiting fellowship, Stanford University

2007-08 €14,520 from ESF, under the MEDCLIVAR initiative, for a workshop meeting (June 2008, Pisa) on 'Oxygen isotopes as tracers of Mediterranean climate variability: linking past, present and future' with Dr M Jones (Nottingham) and Dr G Zanchetta (Pisa)

2009-10  $22,000 from National Geographic Society, Committee for Research and Exploration ‘5000 years of climatic and cultural change in Cappadocia, central Turkey’. [grant no. 8632-09]

2010-11   British Institute at Ankara, “5000 years of climatic and cultural change in Cappadocia, central Turkey”, £13,500

2011-2015  £146,741 from Leverhulme Trust on “Deforesting Europe: a pollen-based reconstruction of Holocene land cover change”, with Dr R Fyfe and Dr J Woodbridge

2012-2013    £46,291 from NERC on “Climate change and the Plague of Justinian”; with Warren Eastwood (Birmingham), Matt Jones (Nottingham) and NIGL.

2015-18 £298,065; £160,168 to Plymouth, from Leverhulme on “Changing the face ofthe Mediterranean: land cover and population since the advent of farming”, withRalph Fyfe and Jessie Woodbridge, along with UCL colleagues





Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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