Dr Matt Telfer

Dr Matt Telfer

Associate Professor of Physical Geography

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Dr Matt Telfer can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Climate change
  • Geomorphology
  • Deserts
  • Dune formation
  • Pluto
  • Planetary surface processes


As an Associate Professor in Physical Geography in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, I teach on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. My research interests lie in geomorphology, geochronology and environmental change, especially in drylands.


I have a BSc (Joint Hons.) from the University of Bristol in Geography and Geology, and after narrowly avoiding a career in petroleum geology, I worked for the University of Southampton's palaeoecology laboratory for 3 years. Following this, I started a part-time PhD at the University of Sheffield with Prof David Thomas, studying the late Quaternary development of the southwestern Kalahari desert. I earned my keep at the time with various technical and RA projects, including the development of a GIS database to support a co-IGCP (International Geological Correlation Programme) initiative, and support for the luminescence dating labs in Sheffield. I moved to Oxford University in 2005, working initially as a Technician whilst I finished my PhD (awarded 2007), and then as Research Associate to the Oxford Luminescence Dating laboratory.

I joined the University of Plymouth as a Lecturer in 2010, and have served as the Admissions Tutor and Programme Lead (2017-2021).

Professional membership

Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society
Quaternary Research Association (member)
British Society for Geomorphology (member)

Key publications

Telfer MWJ, Parteli E, Radebaugh J, Beyer R, Bertrand T, Forget F, Nimmo F, Grundy W, Moore J & Stern SA (2018) 'Dunes on Pluto' Science , DOI Open access
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Teaching interests

I am currently module leader for GGP3206 (Desert Environments), GGX2204 (Fieldwork in Geography) and GGP3201 (Advanced Fieldwork in Geography). I also teach on GGX2201 and GGX2202 (Principles and Applications of Geography). I also teach on the Masters courses GEES519 (Environmental Knowledge: From Field to Stakeholder).



Research interests

Quaternary environmental change
Geomorphology, particularly in drylands
Geochronology, particularly luminescence dating

Grants & contracts

2018 - "African Flowers": Plastic Pollution in Deserts £37000 (Co-I: GCRF)

2018 - ProTFC - Professional Training for Fieldtrip Coordinators - Euro 232,000 (PI: Erasmus+)
2010 - "Establishing a multiproxy Quaternary palaeoenvironmental record for low altitude, arid mainland Spain" £2350 (UoP PUP fund)
2010 - Royal Society Conference/Travel fund £1550 (XVIII INQUA Congress, Bern, Switzerland)
2008 - “Determining the extent, timing, and cause of Quaternary uplift along the Atlantic coast of Africa and Iberia”. Collaborator on Royal Society Research grant £50k (fieldwork and OSL dating marine terraces in Portugal, Morocco and Angola with Dr Richard Walker, University of Oxford)
2008 - "Extension of linear dunes", QRA Quaternary Research Fund £475 (fieldwork in Northern Cape, South Africa)
2008 - Nominated for HEFCE Teaching Excellence Award
2007 - Royal Society Conference Fund £1100 (XVII INQUA Congress, Cairns, Australia)
2005 - QRA Conference Fund £205 (2nd Southern Deserts meeting, Arica, Chile)
2005 - BGRG Postgraduate Research grant £250 (ICP analyses for OSL dosimetry)
2004 - NERC ICP Facility £525 (ICP analyses for OSL dosimetry)
2004 - SBS Daresbury Prize joint first for best Student Poster, St Andrews, UKLum meeting.



Key publications

Telfer MWJ, Parteli E, Radebaugh J, Beyer R, Bertrand T, Forget F, Nimmo F, Grundy W, Moore J & Stern SA (2018) 'Dunes on Pluto' Science , DOI Open access

Key publications are highlighted

Barnett R, Austermann J, Dyer B, Telfer M, Barlow N, Boulton S, Carr A & Creel R (2023) 'Constraining the contribution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to Last Interglacial sea-level' Science Advances 9, (27) , DOI Open access
Wen X, Telfer MW, Li B, Wang W, Daley T, Wang C, Tian M & Qiu M (2023) 'Holocene variations in the Asian Summer and Winter Monsoons reconstructed from extensive lacustrine sediments in the Mu Us Desert, northern China' Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 623, , DOI Open access
Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Telfer MW, Boulton SJ, Mather AE, Buylaert JP, Jain M, Murray AS & Belfoul MA (2022) 'Constraining a model of punctuated river incision for Quaternary strath terrace formation' Geomorphology 414, , DOI Open access
Eskandari Dameneh H, Gholami H, Telfer MW, Comino JR, Collins AL & Jansen JD (2021) 'Desertification of Iran in the early twenty-first century: assessment using climate and vegetation indices' Scientific Reports 11, (1) , DOI Open access
Dahmardeh Behrooz R, Gholami H, Telfer MW, Jansen JD & Fathabadi A (2020) 'Corrigendum to “Using GLUE to pull apart the provenance of atmospheric dust” [Aeolian Res. 37 (2019) 1–13]' Aeolian Research 47, , DOI Open access
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Telfer MWJ, Parteli E, Radebaugh J, Beyer R, Bertrand T, Forget F, Nimmo F, Grundy W, Moore J & Stern SA (2018) 'Dunes on Pluto' Science , DOI Open access
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Conference Papers
Zondervan J, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Telfer MW & Mather AE (2022) 'LITHOLOGY, ROCK STRENGTH AND FRACTURE CONTROLS ON FLUVIAL ERODIBILITY' PRF2022—Progressive Failure of Brittle Rocks Geological Society of America Publisher Site , DOI
Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Mather AE & Telfer MW (2018) 'Catchment changes in response to tectonics and climate: using river terraces and DEM data in the southern High Atlas Mountains (Morocco)' WGSG 2018 4th Meeting of the Working Group on Sediment Generation, Dublin Open access
Presentations and posters
Zondervan J, Stokes M, Boulton S, Mather A, Telfer M, Buylaert J-P, Jain M, Murray A, Belfoul A & Hann M Zondervan J, Stokes M, Boulton S, Mather A, Telfer M, Buylaert J-P, Jain M, Murray A, Belfoul A & Hann M 'Changes in mountain valley widening, river incision and sediment transport in North-West Africa during the last 180 ka of Saharan climate' Author Site , DOI
Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Jain M, Buylaert J-P, Telfer MW & Murray AS Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Jain M, Buylaert J-P, Telfer MW & Murray AS 'Chronology for mountainous river terraces: OSL/IRSL and rock dating techniques applied to carbonate-rich terraces in the Atlas Mountains' Author Site Open access
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Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Mather AE & Telfer MW Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Mather AE & Telfer MW 'Palaeo river long profile reconstruction in a fold-and-thrust belt: river terraces as archives of Quaternary incision and aggradation in the Atlas Mountains' Author Site Open access
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