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Core staff

Associated staff

Emeritus and visiting staff 

  • Professor Steve Furnell, University of Nottingham
  • Professor Andy Phippen, Bournemouth University
  • Professor Paul Reynolds, Visiting Professor  
  • Professor Peter Sanders, Founder of the NRG and academic adviser
  • Professor Ingo Stengel, Hochschule Karlsruhe, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruh
  • Professor Martin Tomlinson, Emeritus Professor  

  • Dr Ali Ismail Awad, Visiting Researcher and Associate Professor of Information Security, LuleĆ„ University of Technology  
  • Dr Fudong Li, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth 
  • Dr Paul Haskell-Dowland, Associate Dean (Computing and Security), Edith Cowan University
  • Dr David Lancaster, Visiting Researcher
  • Dr Stavros N Shiaeles, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth 
  • Dr Ismini Vasileiou, Head of Information Systems (DMU) & Visiting Research Fellow (UoP)

Current MPhil/PhD projects

  • A Framework for Connected Services in Health Insurance, Sadrick Joel Widmann
  • A framework for tailored cyber security training, Mr Zinnar Ghasem
  • A PaaS framework for AAL services, Mr Hendrik Kuijs
  • A Unified Forensic Analysis Tool, Ali Ahmed A Alshumrani
  • Adaptive awareness raising and cyber security training for social media users, Mrs Fia Ben Salamah
  • An Intelligent Network Forensic Analyzer, Mr Dany Joy
  • Business Value of Smart Data, Mr Ganesh Sankaran
  • Combining internet of things and fog computing in a wireless mesh disaster network, Mr Olaf Reich
  • Competencies in Digital Brand Management, Mr Artur Mertens
  • Data Quality Assessment for Big Data, Dirk Holscher
  • Data security on cloud using machine learning, Mr Nelson Santos
  • Enabling identity based trusted telecommunication: ensure confidentiality and authenticity in personal business communication, Mr Andreas Plies
  • Explainability and Transparency of Artificial Neural Networks, Jan Stodt
  • Game-theoretic approaches towards insider threat detection and mitigation, Aboli Verulkar
  • Intelligent multimedia communications in IoT, Mrs Amulya Karaadi
  • Investigation and modelling of a cortical learning algorithm in the neocortex, Mr Damir Dobric
  • Learning Analytics, Mr Craig Banyard
  • Making and Success Factors for the Use of Big Data & Analytics Methods and Technologies, Mr Thomas Rieger
  • MALGRA machine learning and n-gram malware feature extraction and detection system, Mr Muhammad Ali
  • Metadata in Tackling Big Data Variety, Mr Georgios Vranopoulos
  • Motivating security engagement and compliance, Nirosha Holton
  • Multiple operating system architectures for next generation automotive embedded systems, Mr Clemens Fischer

  • On trust optimisation for decentralised M2M services, Mr Besfort Shala
  • Online Gaming Risks for Children: Developing a Dynamic Awareness Framework, Mrs Norah Alqahtani
  • Optimisation of wireless mesh networks for disaster scenarios through network function virtualisation with distributed orchestration, Mr Gregor Frick
  • Optimising information storage for network performance analysis, Miss Muna Al-Saadi
  • Optimising information storage for security analysis, Mrs Bushra Al-Saadi
  • Optimising of energy consumption for wireless disaster networks based on network functions virtulisation, Mr Auberlin Paguem Tchinda
  • Privacy and Security Control of Smart Devices, Mr Florian Kemmer
  • Privacy Preserving Schemes for Mobile and Wearable Devices, Mr Rami Alzahrani
  • QoE business models, Mr Avsar Asan
  • QoS management in aggregated heterogeneous networks, Mr Jaafar Ahmed
  • Qos/QoE Assurance in IEEE 802.11E HCCA Wireless Networks for Multimedia Transmission, Mr Mohd Najwan Md Khambari
  • Quality assessment for secure voice and voice over IP, Mr Achyut Parajuli
  • Seamless relocation of applications in multiaccess edge computing environments, Mr Harold Frank
  • Secure High Performance Computing provided as PaaS, Mr Holger Gantikow
  • Secure Synchronisation of Multi-Operating Systems in Automotive Environments, Mr Pierre Schnarz
  • Technology acceptance in consideration of IT determinants at voluntary work in non-profit organisations, Simone Dogu
  • The impact of effective cyber security awareness within Critical National Infrastructure Operational Technology environments, James Weston
  • Towards Model Based Testing, Mr Mathew George
  • Virtual environments for chemistry education using gesture-based technology, Mrs Shaykhah Aldosari

Completed MPhil/PhD students