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The Centre for Cyber Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN) produces a range of videos and podcasts which are made freely available through our YouTube channel.

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Cyber security research seminar series

The Centre for Cyber Security, Communications and Network Research (CSCAN) hosts Cyber Security Seminar Series with prestigious and passionate invited speakers from both research communities and industry. The invited speakers present a wide range of works in cyber security, bringing the wider community together to discuss up-to-date lines of research and latest industry concerns.

The talks

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Interview and scenarios

Professor Kevin Jones comments on the issue of Maritime Cyber Security, the very real threats this poses to maritime economies, and the vectors, methods, and motives of the attacks. This ties into the following scenarios:

False AIS: Not all cyber-attacks are "flashy". In this scenario, an attempt to steal data accidentally corrupted AIS data causing a phantom ship to appear. Even if a system goes back to behaving normally, the system may continue to be compromised until fixed.

Ransomware: Hackers can use this to hold hostages for ransom. This can have unique outcomes in the maritime environment, such as locking crew or passengers in their rooms or locking controls.

Recent trends in targeted attacks

This video presents segments from the Kaspersky Cyber Day held at the University of Plymouth on 3 October 2018.

The Role of the ICT Professional in Information Security

In this keynote talk from HAISA 2016, Leon Strous asks how we can achieve a situation where our profession meets the expectations.

Teaching the Police to Program

Paul Stephens discusses the development, delivery and evaluation of the 'Forensic Scripting Using Bash' course for EU law enforcement.