Dr Elaine Murphy

Dr Elaine Murphy

Associate Head of School - History and Art History

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Lecturer in Maritime and Naval History


Ph.D 2008 Trinity College Dublin
Dissertation: 'No affair before us of greater concern: the war at sea in Ireland, 1641-49'

M.Litt 2000 University College Dublin
Dissertation:  ‘God’s Providence’: Inchiquin and the survival of Protestant Munster, 1641-1649.

B.A. 1996 University College Dublin
History and Archaeology

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (Plymouth, 2014)

Professional membership

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy  (HEA)

Member of the Military History Society of Ireland
Member of the Cromwell Association
Council Member of the Navy Records Society

Roles on external bodies

Bibliography  of British and Irish History

Section Editor - Ireland 1640-1800:
Since 2013 I have been a section editor for the Bibliography  of British and Irish History (BBIH) project at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR). 


Teaching interests

First Year:
HIST401: What is History
HIST406: America, from settlement to empire, 1607-1900
HIST409: Culture, Society and Politics in Britain, 1640-1990

Second Year:
HIST513: Royal Navy  in the Age of Sail, 1545-1815

Third Year:
HIST604: Piracy and Privateering, 1560-1816

Postgraduate Teaching:
MAHI704: Piracy and Privateering, 1560-1816

Areas of  expertise for postgraduate supervision
Maritime and Naval History
Early modern Ireland and Britain
Wars of the Three Kingdoms/British Civil Wars
Oliver Cromwell
Military Revolution

Research interests

Maritime and naval history
Early modern Ireland and Britain
The Wars of the Three Kings/British Civil Wars
Oliver Cromwell

Other research

Women and the Navy in the 17th Century My new research focuses on the experience and interactions of women with the Royal Navy in the Stuart period. In the academic year 2016/7 I held fellowships at the Beinecke Library at Yale University and National Maritime Museum at Greenwich to work on this project Fellowships October 2016: Edith and Richard French Fellowship,Beinecke Library, Yale University November 2016-January 2017: Caird Short Term Library Fellowship, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich New Critical Edition of the Writings and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell
From 2011 to 2013 I was a research associate on a project based in the University of Cambridge to edit a new five volume critical edition of the writings and speeches of Oliver Cromwell to be published by Oxford University Press. I am co-editor of volume 2 (with Micheál Ó Siochrú of Trinity College Dublin and Jason Peacey of University College London). This volume covers the period from 1649 to 1653. More information about the project can be found at: http://1641.tcd.ie/

Research groups

  • Centre for Humanities, Music and Performing Arts Research (HuMPA)
  • History
  • Maritime and Naval Studies Research Group


The British Civil Wars at Sea, 1638-1653, Richard J. Blakemore and Elaine Murphy (Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer, 2018)

Ireland and the War at Sea, 1641-1653 (Royal Historical Society Studies in History Series, Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer, 2012)

The 1641 Depositions and the Irish Rebellion edited by Eamon Darcy, Annaleigh Margey and Elaine Murphy (London, Pickering and Chatto, 2011)

A calendar of material relating to Ireland from the High Court of Admiralty, 1641-1660 (Dublin, Irish Manuscripts Commission, 2011)

The 1641 Depositions, Volumes I-III [Ulster] (Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 2014)

The 1641 Depositions, Volume IV [Dublin] (Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 2017)

I am an associate editor for these volumes under the general editorship of Professor Aidan Clarke.


'The British Civil Wars', in James Davey (ed.), Tudor and Stuart Seafarers: The Emergence of a Maritime Nation (London, Bloomsbury, 2018), Chapter 8

'The 1641 Depositions: a window on life and society in seventeenth-century Ulster' in Brendan Scott and John Dooher (eds), Plantation: aspects of seventeenth-century Ulster society (Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, 2013), pp 69-88.

‘Backsliders from the Protestant Religion: Conversion in the 1641 Depositions’ article with Annaleigh Margey (Archivium Hibernicum, Dublin, 2012)

‘The Cromwellian Navy in Ireland, 1649-1653’, Journal for Maritime Research (May 2012)
[A version of this article has also been published in Cromwelliana: The Journal of the Cromwell Association, 2014, pp. 36-49].

‘Atrocities at sea and the treatment of prisoners of war by the parliamentary navy in Ireland, 1641-1649’, Historical Journal, 53 (March 2010), pp 21-37.

‘Pirates in our Channel: The Cromwellian Navy in Ireland, 1649-1653’, History Ireland (July 2011).

'Intelligence, the English navy and Ireland during the 1640s' in Eunan O’Halpin, Robert Armstrong and Jane Ohlmeyer (eds), Intelligence, statecraft and international power: papers read before the 27th Irish Conference of Historians held at Trinity College, Dublin, 19-21 May 2005 (Irish Academic Press, Dublin, 2006),

Digital Editions

The 1641 Depositions, October 2010, Digital edition at http://1641.tcd.ie.