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The focus of my research are the microbial and immunological aspects of periodontal diseases, host-pathogen interactions, TLR receptors signalling pathways and the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory diseases. I am particularly interested in clinical implications of bacterial LPS modification mechanisms (lipid-A, sialylation) and in innate immune responses to these LPSs.

Currently, we are working on the induction of oral mucosal endotoxin tolerance and on the mechanisms for control and resolution of inflammation. We are also developing and evaluating lipid-A based biomarkers for personalised, point-of-care periodontal therapy.

Patent: Periodontitis biomarker

Development and evaluation of lipid-A based biosensors for prevention of periodontal diseases and personal, point-of-care periodontal therapy

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Research collaborators

Modulation of Osteoclast Differentiation and Activity by Induction of Endotoxin Tolerance

Lipid-A modifications of bacterial LPS
Macrophages polarisation in periodontal disease

Research Students

Alexander Strachan, PhD student
Alireza Khorsandi, MSc student

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