Dr Andrew Foey

Dr Andrew Foey

Associate Professor of Immunology

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Health)

Dr Andrew Foey can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Immunology
  • Inflammation
  • Mucosal immunity
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Crohn's disease
  • Chronic periodontitis
  • Macrophage cells
  • Probiotics-immunomodulation


Present:Programme Lead, BSc (Hons) Human Biosciences (2016-date)
School Post-Graduate Research Coordinator (2020-date)
School Programme Committee Chair (2019-date)
School Teaching & Learning Committee member (2014-date)
Pathway lead: Infection & Immunity (2010-date)
Faculty Academic Offences Committee member (2020-date)
School of Biomedical & Biological Sciences Safety Officer (2009-2016)
Member of Biomedical Research Governance Sub-committee (CRTB, SoBHCS, PUPSMD) (2013-2016)
School Admissions Tutor (2014-2016 - 3 recruitment cycles)


2018 Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA PR144988 - 03/05/18)
2007 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA No.32432).
2006 PG Cert. Learning & Teaching in Higher Education. University of Plymouth.
1996 PhD "Modulation of pro-inflammatory cytokine expression by intracellular cations." University of Bath.
1989 B.Sc. (Hons.) Applied Biological Sciences. Bristol Polytechnic.
1986 HND Applied Biology. Bristol Polytechnic.
Cytokine Immunopathology in inflammatory conditions, monocyte /macrophage biology, probiotics as immunomodulators, cell-to-cell interactions, cell signalling, apoptosis and cell cytometry.
Previous appointments

Lecturer in Immunology, School of Biological & Biomedical Sciences, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK. Sept. 2005 - July 2017.
MRC Career Development Fellowship in Nutritional Immunology, MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit, Cambridge, UK. May 2004 – July 2005.
Senior Research Fellow, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, Imperial College, London, UK. July 1996 – December 2003.
Post Doctoral Research Scientist, Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath, UK. October 1995 – June 1996.
Research Assistant and SERC CASE PhD Studentship, Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath, UK. January 1992 – September 1995.
Research Scientist Industrial Placement, Boots Pharmaceuticals, Nottingham, UK. July 1994 – December 1994.
Research Assistant, MRC Tuberculosis and Related Infections Unit, RPMS Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK. September 1989 – December 1991.
Research Assistant, Nuffield Department of Surgery, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK. June 1991 – December 1991.
Research Assistant, CDE Porton Down, Salisbury, UK. July 1987 – September 1988.

Professional membership

1991-Present Member, British Society for Immunology1997-2003 Member, British Cytokine Group
2018-Present Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy
2007-2017 Fellow, Higher Education Academy
2009-2010 Member, British Society of Oral & Dental Research
2009-2010 Member, International Association of Dental Research


Teaching interests

Teaching Prizes:

Inaugural Immunology Teaching Excellence Award 2017, British Society for Immunology.

Module leader:
BHCS1006: Infection & Immunity
BHCS2008: Methods in Infection & Immunity
BHCS2019: Methods in Human Biosciences
DIET210/BIOL2420: Nutritional Immunology & Biomedicine
BHCS3006: Cellular Basis of Immunity
BHCS5008: Infection & Immunity
Also teach on modules:
BHCS1001: Biomedical Investigation & Experimentation
BHCS1002: Human Anatomy & Physiology - Cells to Systems
BHCS1004: Introduction to Human Pathology
BHCS1005: Human Disease
BHCS2001: Biology of Disease
BHCS2002: Evidence-Based Practice in Biomedical Science
BHCS2004: Cell Biology in Health & Disease
BHCS2006: Infection, Immunity & Disease
BHCS2007: Diagnostic & Clinical Biomedicine
BIOM2010: Infection Sciences in Health & Disease
BHCS2018: Systems Physiology: Function & Dysfunction
BHCS2022: Nutritional Science 1
BHCS2025: Nutritional Science 2
BIOL210: Molecular & Genetic Basis of Disease
BHCS3005: Transplantation & Transfusion Science
BHCS3008: Current Developments in Biomedical Science
BHCS3010: Haematology & Transfusion Medicine
BHCS3011: Clinical Immunology & Biochemical Screening
BIO5131: Postgraduate Research Skills & Methods
BIOM5002: Contemporary Applications of Cell Biology
BIOM5005: Project Design & Development
BIOM5009: Haematology & Transfusion
Honours & masters degree Research Project Supervision:
BHCS3001: Personal Research Project
BIOM5006: Masters Research Project
Modules no longer taught:
BIOL1404: Human Life Cycles
BIOL2416: Methods in Biomedical Science
SSU provision for PCMD Medical students:
BS020: The immune system: it really is a case of "we are what we eat."
BS013: Cellular & molecular mechanisms underlying inflammatory immunopathologies.
Mucosal Immunology Master Class:
Organisation of workshop and delivery of lectures for Immunology grounding of probiotic scientists for enhanced participation in the International Probiotic Conference, Budapest 22nd to 25th June 2015.
Plenary teaching to Peninsula School of Dentistry, Dental Practicioners
  • MSc Periodontology, Periodontal Microbiology & Immunology, February 2019

Staff serving as external examiners

Nottingham Trent University 2014-2018. Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Programmes.
Teeside University 2019. CertHE Health Sciences Programme Approval Event.
Brighton & Sussex Medical School 2019-2023. BMBS.


Research interests

Macrophages are fundamental cells to innate immune mechanisms. They exist in two main subsets which are determined by the tissue environment; where both differentiation and activation signals play a role in determining subset effector functionality. M1-like macrophages are pro-inflammatory and display anti-tumour effects whereas the M2-like macrophage subset is anti-inflammatory, regulatory and pro-tumoural. It is unclear whether these two subsets represent distinct canonical forms of macrophage subset or whether there is a sliding scale of effector function between these two extremes. If the latter scenario exists, it is likely that the macrophages display a level of plasticity, hence macrophage function can be manipulated/controlled. The regulation of macrophage function represents a realistic cell-based therapeutic regimen and would be of benefit in the treatment of many diseases where the immunopathological mechanisms are predominated by dysfunctional macrophages. The focus of this research has centred on the role of mucosal macrophages in driving homeostatic healthy immune function and immunopathological mechanisms upon disruption of mucosal tolerance. The disease states currently under investigation include oral pathologies (chronic periodontitis, oral squamous cell carcinoma) and gastro-intestinal tract pathologies (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis). Harnessing of both microbial (commensal and pathological) and dietary effects will allow for the regulation of macrophage function and may ameliorate the symptoms of such pro-inflammatory and suppressive disease states.
Current avenues of research endeavour include:
1) Immunomodulatory role of probiotics – centred around the modulation of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine production by specific macrophage subsets and upon contact-mediated interaction with gut epithelial cells.
2) Mechanisms of endotoxin tolerance mediated by oral pathogens and the relative subset sensitivities to tolerance-induction.
3) Application of oral pathogens and their PAMPs in immune-deviation in pro-inflammatory and suppressive immunopathologies.
4) Negative regulation and manipulation of macrophage plasticity in Crohn’s disease.
5) Immune cell cross-talk mechanisms involved in perpetuation of mucosal pathologies.
6) Role of oligosaccharides/b-glucans as modulators of macrophage-mediated immunity.
7) Dietary microparticles: immune activators or tolerance inducers?
Potential New Positions:
Self-funded PhD and ResM applicants are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in my areas of research, please e-mail me.

Research groups

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD Supervision
Dr Luma Abdulqader,2021. University of Plymouth. Modulation of macrophage and epithelial cell immune defences by probiotic bacteria: immune stimulation versus suppression. Co-supervised with Dr Jane Beal (UoP).
Dr Alexander Strachan, 2020. University of Plymouth. Tolerogenic mechanisms associated with chronic Porphyromonas gingivalisinfection: good for whom, host or pathogen? Co-supervised with Dr Zveta Zaric and Dr Vehid Salih (UoP).
Dr Barbara Durante, 2019. University of Plymouth. The effect of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) as modulators of macrophage-driven innate immunity. Co-supervised with Professor Mathew Upton (UoP).
Dr Khalid Al-Shagdhali, 2018. University of Plymouth. Regulation of macrophage subsets in homeostatic and inflammatory mucosal environments. Co-supervised with Dr Jane Beal (UoP).
Dr Abbas Al-Shabany, 2016. University of Plymouth. Pharmacological modulation of NAD alters TNFa responses in macrophage subsets. Co-supervised with Dr Richard Billington, DoS (UoP).
Dr Neama Habil, 2013. University of Plymouth. Probiotic modulation of mucosal immune responses in an in vitroco-culture model. Co-supervised with Dr Jane Beal (UoP).
Dr Holger Kuhlwein, 2013. University of Plymouth. Effect of dietary b-glucan supplementation on growth, intestinal functionality and disease progression in selected cyprinids (Cyprinus carpioand Danio rerio). Co-supervised with Professor Simon Davies, DoS (UoP).
Dr Angela Cooper, 2013. University of Plymouth. Long-chain fatty acids and endoplasmic reticulum stress in pancreatic beta cells: the role of protein kinase R (PKR). Co-supervised with Dr John Moody, DoS (UoP) and Professor Noel Morgan (University of Exeter).
Dr Matthew Owen, 2011. University of Plymouth. The effect of dietary inclusion of category 3 animal by-product meals on rainbow trout (O. mykissWalbaum) mineralised tissues and immune function. Co-supervised with Professor Simon Davies, DoS (UoP) and Dr Simon Fox (UoP).
Dr Sally Owen, 2005. Imperial College London. The role of cytokine-stimulated T cells in mediating inflammatory cytokine responses in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Co-supervised with Professor Fionula Brennan, DoS (ICL).
ResM Supervision
Helene Stern, 2020. University of Plymouth. Investigating the role of Signal Regulatory Protein a in regulating macrophage subset activity in homeostasis and inflammation. Co-supervised with Dr Kris Jeremy (UoP).
MSc Project Supervision
Sophie Tomkinson, 2021. University of Plymouth. Hacat - H357 co-culture influences endotoxin tolerisation and cytokine patterns of M1 and M2 macrophage subsets. Co-supervised with Dr Vehid Salih (UoP).
James Nwaduba, 2019. University of Plymouth. Polarisation of M1 and M2 macrophages and presence of gingival fibroblasts and oral keratinocytes regulate overall macrophage TNFa production in vitro. Co-supervised with Dr Vehid Salih (UoP).
James Butler, 2018. University of Plymouth. Live and heat-killed probiotic Lactobacillus caseistrain Shirota modulation of macrophage immune defences: stimulation versus suppression. Co-supervised with Dr Jane Beal.
Olivia Waring, 2016. University of Plymouth. Proteomic profiling of LPS-stimulated M1 and M2 macrophage responses. Co-supervised with Dr Kris Jeremy (UoP) and Dr Vikram Sharma (UoP).

Grants & contracts

Northcott Devon Medical Foundation Grant: 2019-2020 (£9,985). “Understanding the role of CD47 in colorectal cancer and the use of CD47 monoclonal antibodies for potential cancer immunotherapy.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Tracey Madgett, Co-applicants: Dr Kris Jeremy and Dr Andrew Foey).
PostGraduate Scholarship: PhD Studentship Grant: 2015-2018 (£70,000). “The effect of AMPs as modulators of macrophage-driven innate immunity.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicant: Dr Mathew Upton).
Iraqi Embassy PhD Studentship Grant: 2014-2017 (£70,000).“Modulation of macrophage and epithelial cell immune defences by probiotic bacteria: immune stimulation versus suppression.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicant: Dr Jane Beal).
Peninsula School of Medicine & Dentistry PhD Studentship Grant: 2014-2017 (£70,000). “Tolerogenic mechanisms associated with chronic Porphyromonas gingivalis infection: good for whom, host or pathogen?.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Sveta Zaric, Co-applicant: Dr Andrew Foey and Professor Simon Jackson).
Saudi Embassy PhD Studentship Grant: 2013-2015 (£70,000). “Regulation of macrophage subsets in homeostatic and inflammatory mucosal environments.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicant: Dr Jane Beal, Dr Chris Hayward).
Iraqi Embassy PhD Studentship Grant: 2011-2014 (£70,000).“NAD levels modulate macrophage subset immune responses.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Richard Billington, Co-applicant: Dr Andrew Foey).
University of Basrah Personal Post-Doctoral Training Sabbatical: Sept/Oct. 2011 (£3,000).“PAMPs and PRRs drive mucosal immune responses: tolerance, activation or pathology?” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicants: Professor Awatif Al-Muhsin, Professor Ihsan Al-Saimary).
Peninsula Dental School PhD Studentship Grant: 2009-2012 (£77,666). “Neoplastic cell, macrophage & T cell interaction involvement in oral squamous cell carcinoma.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicant: Professor StJohn Crean).
Iraqi Embassy PhD Studentship Grant: 2009-2012 (£69,490).“Probiotic modulation of mucosal immune responses in an in vitro co-culture model.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicant: Dr Jane Beal).
PostGraduate Scholarship: PhD Studentship Grant: 2008-2011 (£72,620). “Modulation of the inflammatory response to pathogenic oral bacteria by the oral mucosal immune system.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicant: Professor StJohn Crean).
Iraqi Embassy & HEIF3 Research Studentship with DDRC Grant: 2008-2011 (£60,000). “Mechanism by which HBO therapy may resolve the inflammation in chronic wounds.” (Principle Applicant: Dr John Moody, Co-applicant: Dr Andrew Foey).
Seale Hayne Educational Trust. 2007 for 1 year. (£5,900). “In vitro modelling of the gut immune system.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey).
University of Plymouth, Vice Chancellor’s Research & Innovation Fellowship. 2007 for 1 year. (£6,000). “Macrophage bacterial sensing in the gut: NOD-ing off is good for you!” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey).
Wellcome Trust Project Grant: for 3 years + 6 month extension. 1999 to 2003 (£159,821).“T cell regulation of macrophage IL-10: cognate ligand-receptor interactions and resulting signalling pathways.” (Principle Applicant: Dr Andrew Foey, Co-applicant: Professor Fionula Brennan).

Creative practice & artistic projects

Projects to encourage both public & student engagement:1) Immune chess: human immune cells versus pathogens
2) Immune Top-Trumps


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Rawling M, Schiavone M, Mugnier A, Leclercq E, Merrifield D, Foey A & Apper E (2023) 'Modulation of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Intestinal Mucosal Barrier Function Fed Different Postbiotics and a Probiotic from Lactobacilli' Microorganisms 11, (12) , DOI Open access
Gould SJ, Foey AD & Salih VM (2023) 'An organotypic oral mucosal infection model to study host-pathogen interactions' Journal of Tissue Engineering 14, , DOI Open access
Tomkinson S, Triscott C, Schenk E & Foey A (2023) 'The Potential of Probiotics as Ingestible Adjuvants and Immune Modulators for Antiviral Immunity and Management of SARS-CoV-2 Infection and COVID-19' Pathogens 12, (7) , DOI Open access
Chohan MH, Perry M, Laurance-Young P, Salih VM & Foey AD (2023) 'Prognostic Role of CD68+ and CD163+ Tumour-Associated Macrophages and PD-L1 Expression in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis' British Journal of Biomedical Science 80, , DOI Open access
Rawling M, Schiavone M, Apper E, Merrifield DL, Castex M, Leclercq E & Foey A (2023) 'Yeast cell wall extracts from Saccharomyces cerevisiae varying in structure and composition differentially shape the innate immunity and mucosal tissue responses of the intestine of zebrafish (Danio rerio)' Frontiers in Immunology 14, , DOI Open access
Summers SE, Salih V & Foey AD (2023) 'ErbB- and MUC1-targetted CAR-T cell immunotherapy of oral squamous cell carcinoma' Frontiers in Dental Medicine 4, , DOI Open access
Zaric S, Strachan A, Kurushima Y, Dong A, McIlwaine C, Harrington Z, Nibali L, Foey A & Ide M (2022) 'Evaluating clinical utility of subgingival and salivary endotoxin activity levels as periodontal biomarkers' Frontiers in Oral Health 3, , DOI Open access
Foey A, Habil N, Strachan A & Beal J (2022) 'Lacticaseibacillus casei Strain Shirota Modulates Macrophage-Intestinal Epithelial Cell Co-Culture Barrier Integrity, Bacterial Sensing and Inflammatory Cytokines' Microorganisms 10, (10) , DOI Open access
Rawling M, Leclercq E, Foey A, Castex M & Merrifield D (2021) 'A novel dietary multi-strain yeast fraction modulates intestinal toll-like-receptor signalling and mucosal responses of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)' PLoS One , DOI Open access
Hradicka P, Beal J, Kassayova M, Foey A & Demeckova V (2020) 'A Novel Lactic Acid Bacteria Mixture: Macrophage-Targeted Prophylactic Intervention in Colorectal Cancer Management' Microorganisms 8, (3) 387-387 , DOI Open access
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Conference Papers
Al-Shabany A, Moody AJ, Foey AD & Billington RA (2014) 'Pharmacological modulation of NAD alters TNF-α responses in macrophage subsets' 180-180 Open access
Alshaghdali K, Haywood C, Beal J & Foey A (2014) 'Macrophage subsets exhibit selective endotoxin tolerance induced by Escherichia coli LPS' 29-29
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Foey AD (2008) 'Macrophage phenotype determines NOD2 regulation of PAMP-induced cytokine profile' 88-88
Presentations and posters
Hradická P, Beal J, Foey A & Demecková V Hradická P, Beal J, Foey A & Demecková V 'PO-285 Immunomodulatory effects of lactobacillus strains: emphasis on identification of probiotic candidates with anti-tumour responses' , DOI


Reports & invited lectures

"Macrophages: masters of homeostasis pathology in Crohn's Disease." Gastroenterology Forum, 10th July 2018, Gastroenterology Department, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK."Oral LPS: Macrophage subsets are differentially sensitive to endotoxin tolerance." BSODR Annual Meeting, 6th-8th September 2017, Plymouth, UK.
"Macrophages: immune activation vs immune suppression in response to P.gingivalis." Annual Research Conference, Centre for Biomedical Research, Plymouth, 3rd September 2015.
"Epithelial cell production of beta-defensin-2: the inter-relationship between probiotic bacteria and inflammatory cytokines." International Probiotic Conference, Budapest, 25th June 2015.
"Mmmmmm! Lumenal tasting and antigen presentation." Immunology Master Class Workshop. International Probiotic Conference, Budapest, 22nd June 2015.
"Mucosal Immunology - from outside to inside." Immunology Master Class Workshop. International Probiotic Conference, Budapest, 22nd June 2015.
"Modulation of macrophage-epithelial cell co-cultures by Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota: effect on inflammatory cytokines, barrier integrity and bacterial sensing." International Probiotic Conference, Budapest, 26th June 2014.
"Macrophages: the Jekyll and Hyde of inflammation." PUPSMD School Seminar Series, Plymouth, 5th February 2014.
"Probiotic modulation of macrophage responses: relevance to mucosal immunity." Keynote Speaker at Probiotic and prebiotic immunomodulation in medical, vetinary and aquaculture sciences: the future. NEMO Conference, Keele University, Keele, 10th September 2012.
"Differential suppression of macrophage subsets by Porphyromonas gingivalis." International Association of Dental Research, Annual Meeting, Barcelona, 14th July 2010.
"Oral mucosal immune dysfunction in RAS and OSCC: the macrophages are key!" Orthognathic Surgery, South West Regional Study Day, Lyngford House, Taunton, Somerset, 14th December 2009.
"Macrophage effector phenotypes: the cellular switch in inflammatory fate!" Faculty of Science Seminar Series, University of the West of England, Bristol, 25th March 2009.
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Other academic activities

Commisioned to write a book on "Nutritional Immunology." To be published in 2015. Wiley - Blackwell publishing, UK.MPhil - PhD Conversion Internal examiner:
Oct 2015 "Evaluation of phytoestrogens on PC3 and MCF-7 cell viability and motility." Safaa Salman Mezban School of Biomedical & Healthcare Sciences, University of Plymouth.
Oct 2016 "Innate immune responses in a new model of alveolar macrophages to infection with influenza virus." Conor Wood. School of Biomedical & Healthcare Sciences, University of Plymouth.
MPhil - PhD Conversion External examiner:
June 2009 "Structural and functional studies of the peroxiredoxin-sulfiredoxin enzyme system: do inhibitors of this system induce apoptosis in inflammatory cells?" Katarine Szabo Inflammation & Musculoskeletal Diseases Research Group, University of Exeter.
September 2009 "The effects of hyperbaric oxygen on the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in chronic wound bacteria." Lindsey Glew. School of Biological Sciences and The Hyperbaric Medical Centre, University of Plymouth.
January 2014 "PAMP-induce signalling in mammalian trigeminal neurons: consequences for oral infection and mechanisms of chronic orofacial pain." Martin Helley
Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Plymouth.
PhD External examiner:
November 2012 "Influence of ageing on immune responses to selected probiotics." Jialu You, Food & Nutritional Sciences, University of Reading.
PhD Internal examiner:
February 2018 "The effects of phytoestrogens on preferential metastasis to bone." Safaa Mezban.
MD Examiner:
September 2015 "The biology of mantle cell lymphoma: exploring the gender difference in mantle cell lymphoma." Dr Nimish Shah. PUPSMD, Derriford Hospital.
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Granting Agencies:Review applications to the Hong Kong Research Grants Council Universities Grants Committee, Biology and Medicine Panel; MRC and BBSRC. Research project reviewer for Asthma UK.
Current Editor:Editorial Board Member (elected Sept. 2013) for ISRN Immunology, Hindawi Publishing Corporation.
Editorial Board Member (elected Aug. 2015) Journal - Immunotherapy: Open Access.
Professional Training:
University of Plymouth On-line training:
  • Recruitment & Selection. Certificate 04/10/10.
  • Health & Safety E-learning. Certificate 13/05/12.
  • Diversity in the workplace. Certificate 06/01/15.
  • Unconscious Bias. Certificate January 2017.
University of Plymouth Training Courses:
  • Supervising Postgraduate Research Students. Professor Mick Fuller 14/06/06.
  • Role of the Internal Examiner. Professor Mick Fuller 2012.
  • Safe Handling of Cryogenic Liquids. JHW Associates Health & Safety Consultancy & Training 12/07/06.
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  • Supervising PhD students. Cambridge 26/05/04.
  • Writing Project Proposals. Dr Philip Hills, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge 09/06/04.
  • Career Development Fellowship Induction. Patrick Moriarty, Cambridge 26/10/04.