multi pipette research of cancer stem cells

Our diagnostics research

Our diagnostics cross-cutting research theme brings together laboratory scientists, clinicians and technical, statistical, and database expertise to:

  • deliver diagnostics related research, including novel in vitro assays, clinical screening, biosensors, biomarker discovery and patient assessment/stratification methods and;
  • facilitate the development of our wider biomedical, clinical, and environmental and public health research and innovation activities including brain tumours, antibiotic resistance and hepatology.

Technologies and methods utilised include genomics, proteomics, next generation sequencing (NGS), mass spectrometry, medical imaging (CT), graphene biosensors, database development, management, analysis and integration and statistical analysis.

DNA sequencing peaks 

Our research and expertise

The cross-cutting diagnostics theme encompasses:

  • Blood diagnostics (Professor Neil Avent, Dr Tracey Madgett) – genotyping of transfusion blood supplies and Down’s syndrome biomarkers for non-invasive prenatal testing.
  • Radiology/Cardiac CT (Dr Carl Roobottom) – development and clinical application of Cardiac Computed Tomography and other imaging technologies.
  • Medical statistics (Siobhan Creanor) – statistical support and analysis across a wide range of biomedical and clinical research areas, trials and services.