Dr Simon Fox

Dr Simon Fox

Associate Head of School

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Molecular Pathology

Associate Head of Teaching and Learning


Ph.D. (1998) Cellular Biology; University of London

B.Sc. (Hons) (1992) Anatomical Science; University of Bristol

PG.Cert (2005) Learning and teaching in higher education.

Teaching interests

I am stage tutor for BSc Human Biology with Foundation Year

I am module lead for BIO015 Issues in Human Biology on the Foundation Programme

I am module leader for

BHCS1001 Biomedical Investigation and Experimentation

BHCS1011 Study Skills and Personal Development

BHCS2001 Biology of Disease

BHCS2002 Evidence Based Practice in Biomedical Science

BHCS2010 Evidence Based Practice in Healthcare Science

BHCS3002 Molecular and Cellular Pathology

BHCS3030 Biomedical Science: Placements

BHCS3031 Placements and Employability

BIOM5011 Molecular and Cellular Pathology

I also teach molecular and cellular biology on numerous other modules across the faculty and deliver student selected units on 'cancer and bone' to first and second year medical students 

Staff serving as external examiners

External examiner for BSc and MSc Applied Biosciences at the University of the West of Scotland 2011-2015

Research interests

My field of expertise lies in Bone Biology and the Cellular and Molecular techniques for assessing skeletal turnover.  My current areas of research are focused on understanding the effect of nutritional factors on bone cell differentiation and activity, the impact of oxygen and pressure on bone cell function and the mechanisms governing preferential metastasis of cancer cells to the skeleton.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

(University of London) Alison Lovibond 2005, PhD

(Plymouth University) Matthew Owens 2011, PhD

(Plymouth University) Sahar Karieb 2012, PhD

(Plymouth University) Hadil Al Hadi 2013, PhD

Grants & contracts

Arthritis Research Campaign: (September 2002-August 2005, £ 104,834) Fox SW and Chambers TJ. To test the role of TGF-beta signalling pathways and SOCS expression in osteoclast/macrophage lineage commitment. (Ref F0558).

Wellcome Trust: (Awarded August 2005 for 36 months, £ 136,360) Fox SW. Analysis of the signalling mechanism by which TGF-beta determines osteoclast/macrophage lineage-switching.

Diving Diseases Research Centre: (Awarded October 2009 for 36 months, £10,500) Fox SW. Effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on osteoclast differentiation.

Seal Hayne Trust: (Awarded June 2009 for 6 months £4,750) Owens M, Davies S and Fox SW. Molecular analysis of telost bone remodelling.


Key publications are highlighted

Adeoye AA, Jaramillo-Torres A, Fox SW, Merrifield DL & Davies SJ 2016 'Supplementation of formulated diets for tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) with selected exogenous enzymes: Overall performance and effects on intestinal histology and microbiota' Animal Feed Science and Technology 215, 133-143 Publisher Site , DOI PEARL
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