Biomedical Research Group facilities

In addition to standard molecular and cell biology techniques, we have the following capabilities:

  • Automated DNA/RNA/Protein extraction system (Qiacube)
  • Arcturus laser capture microdissection system
  • Flow cytometer (Accuri) 
  • Becton-Dickinson FACSAria II flow activated cell sorter
  • Luminex 200 multiplex protein identification platform
  • Seahorse XF24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer from Seahorse Bioscience

Genomics and Proteomics Facilities

  • Next generation DNA sequencing with the Ion PGM, droplet digital PCR on a QX100, transcriptomic analysis
  • Quantitative (Label Free and Label Based) proteomics using nano-LCMS-Orbitrap technology 

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Imaging Facility

  • Electron Paramagnetic Resonance facility (Bruker EMX Micro)
  • Conventional SEM, Cryo SEM 
  • X-ray Micro-analysis, Low Vacuum SEM 
  • Low temperature/low vacuum SEM, TEM
  • Digital imaging/archiving facilities and image processing/analysis on all light and electron microscopes
  • Confocal microscopy (Zeiss LSM 510 confocal microscope, Leica TCS SP8 with three LED's and one Argon Laser​)

Cell culture and in vitro organ toxicology

Our capabilities include cell isolation protocols, primary culture of fish or mammalian cells, and the use of established cell lines and 3D cell culture. There are also unique facilities for organ perfusion.

Class 2 and 3 pathogen containment 

Research on dangerous pathogens cannot be done without proper containment. The laboratory facility is the only one of its kind in the South West, and enables the safe handling of dangerous pathogens and infectious diseases.