Antibiotic resistant pathogens research group team

Bacterial pathogen research group

Bacterial pathogen research group:

Dr Mat Upton (Group Lead)
Dr Garry Farnham (Research Fellow) – microbial genetics and novel DNA sequence based approaches
Dr Arif Felek (Research Fellow) – development of a platform of novel bacteriocins
Nizar Saeedi (PhD student) – host-pathogen interaction of uropathogenic E coli
Rob O’Hara (PhD student) – epidemiology and genomics of uropathogenic E coli
Abdu Aldarhami (PhD student) – discovery of novel bacteriocins with clinical potential
Beth Brokenshire (Placement student)

University of Plymouth collaborators:

Professor Simon Jackson, School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Gyuri Fejer, School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Andy Foey, School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Kerry Howell, School of Biological and Marine Sciences