Centre for Decarbonisation and Offshore Renewable Energy
The Centre for Decarbonisation and Offshore Renewable Energy (C-DORE) brings together a critical mass of leading research and expertise from across the University of Plymouth. Through co-creation and collaboration with partners from business, government and key communities from across the globe, it aims to be a beacon for the University’s whole-system transdisciplinary approach to solutions-oriented research, accelerating sustainable developments in decarbonisation and renewable energy. 
In response to climate change imperatives, C-DORE’s work aligns to the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy, Energy Security Strategy and Clean Maritime Plan. Strongly positioned to build on the leading role the University enjoys nationally and internationally through research and teaching, the Centre will support the substantial opportunity the city and region now has to engage with the agendas for the South West. Its contribution will be central to capitalising on new developments planned in the Celtic Sea, and the subsequent economic benefit through jobs and growth in the supply chain.
State-of-the-art facilities and kit underpin much of C-DORE’s work, in addition to the continuous innovation enabled by the COAST Laboratory and the Marine Station. Our ambition, amplified through our commitment to invest, will see the new Engineering and Design Facility open to provide a space for further collaboration and transformative research.

Research themes

Research in C-DORE is active across the following related interdisciplinary research themes:
  • Blue Carbon
  • Circular Economy
  • Clean Maritime 
  • Economics of Decarbonisation 
  • Energy Systems
  • Environment, Ecosystem and Decarbonisation
  • Health and Decarbonisation
  • Net Zero Carbon
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Technology
  • Robotics and Digital 

Our partnerships


</p><div>Offshore wind turbine in a wind farm under construction off the England coast at sunset.</div>