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Achieving reduced emission targets and creating a climate compatible economy is a challenge facing all sectors. Decarbonising the economy requires effective and low-cost solutions that also uphold the concepts of climate justice and just transition. 
Ongoing research into emission-free or carbon-neutral technologies, including decarbonisation of the electricity sector through renewable or zero-carbon energy technologies and large-scale electrification of the economy is key. 
At Plymouth, the whole system approach embedded in our research environment means engagement with communities, industry and policy makers allows us to explore the challenges of energy consumption, and ultimately understand the complexities of a local-to-global zero-carbon economic system and its impacts on society. 

Transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy

High-efficiency reversible solid oxide cells for the integration of offshore renewable energy using hydrogen 

The project investigates and compares the cost and environmental impact of several scenarios combining reversible solid oxide cells (rSOC) with an offshore renewable energy farm, the outputs of which can be pure hydrogen production, pure electricity production or a combination of both. 
This research aims to provide decision-making tools for investment in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that will contribute to the net zero-carbon target. 

Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind Accelerator

Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) is a fast-growing sector worldwide and the UK government has committed to reaching 40GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030. The project is developing tools, knowledge and data to accelerate the Celtic Sea floating offshore wind opportunity making a distinctive contribution to the socio-economic growth of the community and region.
Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind Accelerator


Centre for Decarbonisation and Offshore Renewable Energy

Centre for Decarbonisation and Offshore Renewable Energy 

In response to climate change imperatives, we are bringing together a critical mass of leading research and expertise from across the University of Plymouth. Through co-creation and collaboration with partners from business, government and key communities from across the globe, the Centre aims to be a beacon for the University’s whole-system transdisciplinary approach to solutions-oriented research, accelerating sustainable developments in decarbonisation and renewable energy.