Dr Martyn Hann

Dr Martyn Hann

Associate Professor of Coastal and Offshore Renewable Energy Engineering

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)




  • PhD - A numerical and experimental study of a multi-cell fabric distensible wave energy converter, University of Southampton
  • MPhys Physics with Study in New Zealand, University of Exeter



Teaching interests

I primarily teach on the MSc Coastal Engineering and BEng/MEng Civil and Coastal Engineering programs and am module leader for:

COUE509 - Coastal Engineering
COUE508 - Advanced Coastal Engineering Modelling
COUE300 - Coastal Engineering Analysis and Design

I also contribute to teaching on various Offshore Renewable Energy modules.



Research interests

My research interests are generally focused on Offshore Renewable Energy. I have worked on studies into various wave energy devices, including the Anaconda and SQ devices - both deformable devices. I have also led studies into floating tidal energy devices and am currently leading Plymouth's contribution to various floating offshore wind research projects. I am also interested in the modelling of extreme wave interaction with floating devices and the design of moorings and electrical cables within arrays of offshore renewable energy devices. 

Away from Offshore Renewable Energy I have carried out research into the interaction of two ships in close proximity and scour around monopiles. I am generally interested in all branches of physical modelling of wave, current and wind interaction with fixed and floating structures.

Grants & contracts

Current Funding:

  • EPSRC funded ‘Extreme Loading on FOWT under Complex Environmental Conditions’ 
  • EPSRC Supergen-ORE Flex-Fund project ‘Novel approaches for physical model testing of floating wind turbine platforms’
  • TIGER Interreg project

Previous Funding:

  • EPSRC grant EP/N008847/1 ‘A zonal CFD approach for fully nonlinear simulations of two vessels in launch and recovery operations’
  • EU Horizon 2020 - WETFEET - supervising scaled model tests of arrays of wave energy converters (WECs) with shared mooring components
  • InnovateUK Inter project - developing a floating tidal energy platform
  • EPSRC grant EP/M01956X/1, examining the use of a common power take-off within arrays of point absorber wave energy converters
  • Wave Energy Scotland ELASTO project - studying the use of deformable materials for wave energy converters



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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Presentations and posters
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