Supergen ORE Research Landscape
The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Hub is a £9 Million Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded project which provides research leadership to connect academia, industry, policymakers and the public, inspire innovation and maximise societal value in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.
The Hub is led by Professor Deborah Greaves OBE FREng, Professor in Ocean Engineering at the University of Plymouth, and includes the following Co-Directors: Professor Beth Scott (University of Aberdeen), Henry Jeffrey (University of Edinburgh), Dr Philipp Thies (University of Exeter), Professor James Gibert (University of Hull), Dr Tim Stallard (University of Manchester), Professor Byron Byrne and Professor Richard Willden (University of Oxford), Professor David White (University of Southampton), Professor Feargal Brennan (University of Strathclyde), and Professor Xiaowei Zhao (University of Warwick).
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Research Landscape: bringing together UK ORE research

The Supergen ORE Hub Research Landscape is an interactive web-based landscape tool which will bring together and help communicate UK based offshore wind, wave and tidal energy research. The Research Landscape will enable industry, government and researchers to share opportunities and challenges across challenge themes, and allows researchers to promote ORE projects to the wider community. We’re inviting industry and academia to submit their research projects for inclusion on the landscape.

ECR Network: supporting the next generation of researchers

A core component of our work has been to establish and support and network of Early Career Researchers (ECR) across the offshore renewable energy academic sector. Our network is open to post-doctoral researchers, early career academic staff within the first three years of their academic appointment, and PhD students within 12 months completion of their PhD who are exploring a future career in the ORE sector. This network connects ECRs with more senior researchers across the UK and internationally to create a diverse and supportive community that nurtures the next generation of ORE research leaders.
Supergen ORE Hub Early Career Researcher Forum - November 2019
Offshore wind turbine in a wind farm under construction off the England coast at sunset.

Flexible Funding: advancing research in offshore renewable energy sector

The Supergen ORE Hub Flexible Fund has been established to support ambitious research projects investigating all aspects of offshore renewable energy. It aims to support project areas that complement existing research, fill gaps or add cross-cutting activities to explore the transfer of research findings between sectors within ORE. Flexible Funding is open to UK based research institutions to enable researchers to respond to a number of key ORE engineering challenges.

Supergen ORE Hub management

Supergen ORE Hub Co-Directors (Our Management Board)
Led by Professor Deborah Greaves at the University of Plymouth our Co-Directors are a group of senior academics who are directly involved in ORE Research and in the management of the Supergen ORE Hub. 
Advisory Board (Our Steering Group)
Our Advisory Board brings together a group of industry experts who represent the whole ORE Sector, providing the ability to create two-way communication, essential insight and influence through industrial and policy stakeholders beyond the academic sector, in addition to providing strategic guidance on the research requirements of the ORE industry. 
Supergen ORE Hub Team (Our Operational Team)
Based at the University of Plymouth, the Supergen ORE Hub team are responsible for enabling and supporting all of the Hubs objectives, including the administration, communications, engagement and management of Hub activities. 
Research Alignment Group (Our extended panel of research experts)
Our Research Alignment Group (RAG) is a non-executive body of senior academics within the ORE sector and key UK infrastructure projects, selected by our Management Board to provide independent, objective, impartial advice and strategic guidance on the direction of Supergen ORE Hub research. 

Past events and workshops held to establish the Supergen ORE Hub

INORE/Supergen ORE/MaREI workshop on: The Future of ORE Research: The early career researcher (ECR) Perspective at the EWTEC 2017, Cork (Ireland) on 30 August 2017. 

INORE/Supergen ORE thematic debate on: Existing barriers in the ORE sector: How can PhD/early career researchers (ECRs) help to break down these by doing things differently? at the INORE European Symposium, Co. Clare (Ireland) on 24 August 2017. 

Supergen ORE Initial Engagement Event at the 4th PRIMaRE Conference 2017, Southampton on 7 July 2017.