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Led by the University of Plymouth, working in collaboration with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, the CROWN project will facilitate the ongoing development of a maritime cyber cluster centered in the heart of the South West.
The partners will co-design the world’s first dedicated offshore wind cyber security research, test and development facility. This will support the investigation of offshore wind technology and control networks focusing on cyber vulnerability, and develop resilience procedures, security measures, and tools. 
The facility will be co-located with the University's Cyber-SHIP Lab leveraging the existing expertise of the Maritime Cyber Threats research group. It will be fully accessible to businesses and external organisations wishing to investigate their systems and technology developers wishing to test new tools. 
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CROWN will bring together the University’s world-leading expertise in maritime cyber security and ORE Catapult’s Research and Technology Capabilities offshore shore wind control system team and its operations and maintenance data team – through the existing Collaborative Offshore Subsea Systems (COSS) research accelerator.
The facility will create a generic representative turbine control network (turbine, array level, offshore substation, onshore substation, control system network) and use this to:
  • identify emergent vulnerabilities,
  • recognise attack vectors,
  • replicate manual (hackers) and automated (malware) attacks,
  • identify defenses and design architectural templates onshore to be deployed offshore,
  • test new defensive technology,
  • deliver training to shore-based and offshore workers,
  • provide advice to policymakers and regulators.
Woman sat at computer in cyber-SHIP lab conducting cyber security measures on a screen that says 'virus alert'
Offshore wind turbine for sustainable energy production.

Work with us 

We are seeking additional partners to collaborate with us in building cyber resilience of offshore wind networks. Whether your interest is in shaping collaborative research, meeting future training needs, or ensuring systems’ resilience, please contact Chloe Rowland, CROWN Project Manager, to discuss how your organisation can join us in this pioneering maritime security project.

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