Justus Kannenberg - MSc Business and Management graduate

"Plymouth University will give you the competitive edge which is necessary to get the job you want and to start a successful career."

Why did you choose Plymouth University to do your degree course?

I chose Plymouth University because of its long, successful tradition and its experience of working with international students. Talking to other international students quickly convinced me that studying at Plymouth University and participating in the postgraduate programme of business and management would be a great choice. In my opinion, the one year programme offers everything needed for a promising start to a career; it not only provides the fundamental skills in the field of business and management but it also offers each student a vast variety of classes from which to choose. This allows you to deepen your knowledge in an area of business in which you are particularly interested. Another important factor was the location of Plymouth, as it is a very attractive seaside city with plenty to offer.

How have you found your time here?

I truly enjoyed the time I spent in Plymouth. This was not just because of the beautiful landscape, although I certainly admit that the location has its advantages: the endless coastlines, wild moorlands, and the lovely fishing towns are wonderful. Nevertheless, working with students from all around the world, sharing experiences and getting together for a pint in one of the traditional pubs is what makes your stay in Plymouth so special.

Would you encourage prospective students to study with us and why?

I would definitely encourage prospective students to study at Plymouth University for a number of reasons. Firstly, the campus offers the perfect condition in which to study and its facilities, as well as its staff, are phenomenal. The staff in particular are highly motivated and qualified. Secondly, the University offers numerous sports and leisure activities as a counterbalance to studying. All in all, I am certain that your time spent in Plymouth will shape prospective students as it shaped me, both personally and professionally. In other words, Plymouth University will give you the competitive edge which is necessary to get the job you want and to start a successful career.