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For Polish-born Sabina Niemier moving to Plymouth to study was an easy choice, thanks to close-by family, the city's beauty spots and the many support networks on offer. Here she explains how the University made the whole process a delight, from enrolling to starting her career as Assurance Associate at PwC.

“I did not know much about the industry or possibilities before going to the University of Plymouth – all I knew was I enjoyed the subject.

The University made the process very simple, clear and were very supportive.

It was easy to make a decision on where I wanted to spend my next three years.”

“The University was relatively close to my family, as well as had the sea and the moors (two of my favourite things) within a short drive. 

However, the deciding factor was the way I was treated throughout the application process. I have done a lot of my qualifications in a different country and I have found that other universities were not so welcoming to this.”

Support from lecturers was invaluable 

“It was really good to have lecturers who had a lot of experience – academic knowledge is important but they did stress the importance of keeping on top of the news, social skills and independence, which a lot of graduates struggle with. I think the practical skills that the course gave me were very valuable. 

Lecturers frequently brought in examples from real life, spoke to us about different career types and jobs and what they did or skills we would need in the future.

The networking events were key because of how much insight you get into what people’s days can look like at various jobs.” 

We were always encouraged to think broadly about the practicalities of the things we were learning and a lot of coursework was set in a way that it could have been a real life work assignment.

It developed my knowledge, as well as my skill set.

“The purpose and learning objectives of studies and assignments were clear so I always felt like I was developing.
“It was very strongly and successfully focused on preparing us for careers while encouraging practical thinking.”

“The degree is accredited which originally did not mean a lot to me, but later on it was a very strong factor in what I chose to do next.

It was extremely flexible with a lot of modules to choose from so I could study things that I was really interested in, unlike many other universities.”

Careers and employability services

“Taking part in the employability days was really exciting. I remember how carefully I used to listen and become inspired by people who were talking about their exciting jobs. It was then I realised I have achieved that goal that felt so unacheivable not so long ago.”

“The hard work put into trying to become that person has finally paid off. And whilst answering the same questions that I have once been asking, it came to me that right then, I was that role model to somebody else.”

“I also used the careers and employability services who put on networking events. I met a lot of people from PwC the company I now work for.”

Careers and employability
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Making new friends

“I think the sports and societies fair in my first year was my favourite memory while studying – it was such a great day to go to an event with newly-met friends and walk through a hall with so many people welcoming you and encouraging an open mind, and inviting you to take part in sports and activities that sometimes you have never even heard of. I met some of my best friends that way.”

Taking time to take time out

"I would have liked to have travelled more during the summer. Once you finish university, you have that feeling that you need to work straight away, however this is also a last chance for the next few years to have a couple of months off"

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“The opportunities at the University of Plymouth are endless. It is so easy to get involved. The course was constantly being improved based on the feedback from students.”

Industry placement made a difference

“A one year placement in the industry gave me an understanding of the sort of things I would come across, and made me realise how it might not be as straight of a path as I imagined.

It assured me how important it is to search for opportunities, remain resilient and keep going. When I was looking for a placement year I was happy to take on anything to gain experience. 

It made me realise my job is where most of my time is spent, and it is important to choose the right environment, with the right type of people. When considering post-graduate employment work, placement has became an important factor. I took time to speak to many people to make sure it was the right place for me.”

Accounting and Finance

Life after university

"Since completing my studies I have set myself new goals to stay challenged. I am now studying towards a professional qualification alongside my day job, while still developing my interest in trade, as well as perusing a side hustle in performing arts"

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