Joel Hill
"My time at Plymouth has been exceptional."

Why did you choose Plymouth to do your degree course?

I decided to study at Plymouth because, whilst at Petroc (a partner college) where I completed my first two years, they visited and persuaded me that it was the right place for me to finish my studies. I was also keen to go to Plymouth due to its overall supportive approach towards their partner colleges.

How have you found your time here?

My time at Plymouth has been exceptional. I have been able to fully express myself and I have received first class support as required. All members of staff have been approachable and helpful.

Would you encourage prospective students to study with us and why?

I would encourage anyone wanting to go to university to study at Plymouth. They have an outstanding commitment to their students and the atmosphere within the university is professional and courteous at all times, allowing for the best possible results to be attained.

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