Childminder Sustainability in England and Wales

Project description

The number of childminders in England and Wales has been steadily declining since their peak in 1996. There is some indication that it is the increase in the number of places offered by other parts of the early childhood education and care sector that is contributing to the smaller proportion of places being offered by childminders. However, there is also some suggestion that childminding is a less desirable profession due to continued challenges regarding sustainability and increasing expectations of those in the role.

Funded by Pacey, researchers from Plymouth Institute of Education will under undertake a macro to micro analysis of childminding provision in England and Wales. The research will entail:

  • an analysis of existing literature and data on childminding
  • a survey of local authorities and other relevant stakeholders exploring the perceived reasons for the decline in childminders
  • a series of case studies of local authority areas to offer a detailed analysis of the views of stakeholders and childminders as to the decline in numbers.

The project will offer a unique insight into the provision of childminding services in England and Wales.