Dr Jan Georgeson

Dr Jan Georgeson

Associate Professor

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Jan can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Education
  • Research
  • Early years
  • Special educational needs
  • Disability
  • Professional development

Developing and conducting independent research projects and collaborating with colleagues in the development of research within Plymouth Institute of Education .

Research Practice Lead, overseeing University Practice Settings


BA Hons Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

MA Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

PG Cert Ed, University of Bristol

PG Certificate in Research Methods, University of Birmingham

EdD (Educational Disadvantage and Special Educational Needs), University of Birmingham

Teaching experience: Portage/Home Support (birth to 5 years); Teacher-in-charge: children with speech and language difficulties (3 to 5); reading difficulties and curriculum support (5-16 years). Registered Nursery Inspector (educational programmes).

Previous research experience: contract work for Universities of Birmingham, Bath, Oxford and Gloucestershire, and for OECD, DCSF and CWDC.

HE teaching: Undergraduate level: Inclusion; Special Educational Needs; Child Development; Policy and Early Years provision; Leadership and Management; participatory research with children; Dissertation supervision

Master's level:Critical Perspectives on Inclusion and Diversity; Professionalism in the  Early Years; Leadership & Pedagogy; Child Development; Research Methodology; Dissertation supervision. 

Doctoral level: Research Methods. Thesis supervision in Inclusion (including international perspectives); Transitions; International study trips;

Professional membership

Member of BERA (British Educational Research Association); Member of BERA Engagement Committee; Co-convenor, Early Childhood Education and Care SIG (special interest group)
Member of ISCAR (International Society For Cultural And Activity Research)
Member of Scientific Committee: EECERA (European Early Childhood Education Research Association)
Member of Scientific Committee: CIPE (Congreso Internacional de Psicología y Educación)

Trustee of TACTYC (Association for the Professional Development in Early Years)

Editor, Early Years; an International Research Journal
Editorial board member, Methodological Innovations Online

Teaching interests

Supervision of doctoral students towards EdD and PhD

Joint Module lead for MAED701 Researching Education Practice in Context (REPIC) MA Ed Core module 

Research Methods: using Activity Theory as a research framework; using multiple methods
Special Educational Needs and Disability; Ontology of Difference
Writing skills: writing for publication; dissertation and thesis writing

Staff serving as external examiners

External Examiner at UCL: Master's in Early Years (F2F and Online)

Research interests

My research is strongly influenced by sociocultural and activity theory, in particular when applied to organisational structure, interactional style and approaches to pedagogy.

I have been involved in research projects investigating the experience of disabled students in higher education and the collection of data on disability in schools, with a particular focus in ways to access pupils' views.

I am currently researching University Practice Settings, professionalisation of the early years workforce, professional development, the semiotics of buildings for children’s services; ICT and pedagogy (including robotics and computational thinking).

I am interested in supervising research projects concerned with professional development, early years provision, with disability, inclusion and special educational needs across the age range, or projects where fine grain linguistic analysis and/or activity theory would offer an appropriate methodological approach.

Research groups

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Other Publications
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