Catering for an event

The service sector today accounts for 75 per cent of UK‘s GDP and its labour force. Marked increases in economic output have been registered year-on-year most notably for those elements of the service sector that encompass retail, hotels and restaurants.

This remarkable growth of the service sector is changing the way organisations are structured and managed. These transformations are not only essential to organisational sustainability, but could also serve as opportunities to enhance business performance, improve profit margins and to protect their competitive edge. Whilst most businesses are aware of these challenges ahead, there is a general lack of research and understanding about how service organisations operate.

We seek to help overcome these challenges by developing, identifying and testing relevant business models that help to create value and improve processes, establish sound performance statistics and foster innovation. Our wide-ranging interests include: 

  • co-creation and production of value
  • internet technologies
  • measuring organisation performance
  • talent management
  • business processes
  • sustainability
  • marketing
  • and context specific solutions in hospitality: food and beverage issues and cruise management.

Research has been undertaken in partnership with a number of European, national, regional and local public and private sector institutions and organisations, with specific projects undertaken including:

  • NHS
  • hotel groups
  • cruise corporations.