Sustainable Earth 2021

Key themes

Thursday 24 June 

9:30 | Welcome to University of Plymouth
Professor Jerry Roberts, University of Plymouth.  

9:35 | Introduction to Sustainable Earth 2021
Professor Iain Stewart, University of Plymouth

9:40 | Introduction to the SpotMe platform and the aims for the day
Dr Paul Hardman, University of Plymouth

9:45 | Keynote: From wilful delusion to action on climate change: a fair response to Paris 
Professor Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester

10:15 | Parallel Sessions - choose from:

Session 1 theme: Built environment

  • Net zero carbon in the built environment; key ambitions and opportunities from the Future Plymouth 2030 webinar series
    Sarah Lee, Stride Treglown
  • CobBauge Live Lab: an insight into the production of energy efficient cob walls 
    Professor Steve Goodhew, University of Plymouth 

Session 2 theme: Mobility and transport

  • Decarbonising our transport systems: the challenges and opportunities
    Nik Bowyer, AECOM
  • Reducing transport carbon through smart-ticketing
    Professor Jon Shaw, University of Plymouth

11:00 | Morning break

11:10 | Marketplace 1 - view sessions

12:00 | Lunch, plus opportunity for virtual networking and exhibition hall 

12:45 | Keynote: A designer’s response to the climate emergency – the power of creativity
Sophie Thomas, Thomas Matthews Communication Design

13:15 | Parallel sessions - choose from:

Session 1 theme: Behaviour change  

  • Behaviour change principles and their application to the climate emergency
    Professor Jackie Andrade, University of Plymouth
  • Applying the learning from healthy eating nudge projects to the climate emergency
    Leigh Cooper, NudgeUp

Session 2 theme: Arts and climate

  • Imaginary knowledges and factual flights of fancy: the power of art and creativity in the climate debate
    Dr Richard Povall, Art.Earth
  • Near future visions – imagining a net zero future
    Dr David Sergeant, University of Plymouth

14:00 | Marketplace 2 - view sessions

14:50 | Afternoon break

15:00 | Parallel action workshops - choose from:

  • Becoming a B-Corp: Chris Woodfield, Low Carbon Devon
  • Net zero carbon strategy in large organisations - challenges and solutions: Net Zero Carbon Action Group
  • Social enterprises in the climate emergency: Jessica Holliland, PSEN
  • Carbon foot-printing – first steps for small and medium enterprises: Paul Gilbert, SWMAS
  • Win Win: How to improve your individual carbon footprint and quality of life: Mukti Mitchell, Carbon Savvy
  • Moths to a flame – take part in an art project for COP26: Naomi Wright, Art and Energy

16:00 | Break 

16:30 | Documentary film showing: 8 BILLION ANGELS
Followed by Q&A with Professor Iain Stewart and Professor Jason Hall-Spencer, University of Plymouth

18:00 | End 

Friday 25 June

9:30 | Welcome Back  
Professor Iain Stewart, University of Plymouth

9:35 | Welcome by Professor Judith Petts CBEVice-Chancellor, University of Plymouth
Including an overview of the Universities UK Climate Commission for Higher and Further Education

9:45 | Why we need to consider systems change
Dr Anna Birney, Forum for the Future.

10:15 | Parallel Sessions - choose from:

Session 1 theme: Energy supply

  • Powering our net zero future 
    Kerry Hayes, Regen 
  • The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub – supporting our Net Zero Future
    Professor Deborah Greaves, University of Plymouth

Session 2 theme: Food, diet, land and sea

  • How much do different food choices contribute to climate change?
    Professor Sarah Bridle, University of Manchester  
  • Food Plymouth – the role of local food partnerships in tackling the climate emergency
    Dr Clare Pettinger, University of Plymouth

11:00 | Morning break

11:10 | Marketplace 3 - view sessions

12:00 | Lunch, plus opportunity for virtual networking and exhibition hall

12:45 | Keynote: Why business must win the race to net zero carbon
John Elkington, Volans

13:15 | Parallel Sessions - choose from:

Session 1 theme: Carbon offsetting

  • Investing in nature: North Devon Natural Capital Impact Fund and marketplace
    Rob Passmore, North Devon Biosphere
  • Applications of the woodland and peatland carbon codes
    Dr Paul Lunt, University of Plymouth

Session 2 theme: Circular economy and resources

  • Plastics – Identifying challenges and finding solutions
    Professor Richard Thompson, University of Plymouth
  • Digital tools for sustainable practices: mapping sustainability landscape through Digital Fabrication and Immersive Media technologies
    Konstantin Leonenko, University of Plymouth

Session 3 theme: Net zero policy

  • Devon Climate Assembly – a political response to the climate emergency
    Professor Patrick Devine Wright, University of Exeter
  • Plymouth – Racing to net zero by 2030
    Paul Barnard, Plymouth City Council
14:00 | Afternoon break

15:00 | Parallel action workshops - choose from:

  • Biophilic design – health, nature and net zero: Ed Suttie, BRE 
  • Devon Innovation Grants and Low Carbon Internships: Chris Woodfield, Low Carbon Devon
  • Circular economy in small and medium enterprises, Emma Burlow, Lighthouse Sustainability
  • Introduction to Lifecycle Assessment: Lauranne Fauvet, Impact Lab
  • How to retrofit your home to support the race to net zero: Plymouth Energy Community
16:00 | Keynote: It’s the end of the world as we know it: NOT the end of the world
Dr Matt Winning, Climate Economist (and Comedian), University College London

16:30 | Forum close