Dr Paul Hardman

Dr Paul Hardman

Manager of the Sustainable Earth Institute (SEI)

Faculty of Science and Engineering


Paul is an enthusiastic manager with over fifteen years experience in Higher Education, the Private Sector and also the Public Sector. Driven by the opportunity to make a difference and provide real world, innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. Also interested in harnessing multiple perspectives and developing a holistic, team approach to sustainability.

He obtained a BSc (Hons) from Bath University (as well as a concurrent Certificate of Education) and also an MSc in the Physics of Laser Communications from Essex University. Paul then obtained a PhD and also carried out a post-doc at Southampton University, in energy-efficient lasers, before moving into Industry. In the Summer of 2011, Paul obtained an Association for Project Management - APMP professional qualification.

Prior to his current role as ISSR Manager Paul worked for over 7 years in renewable energy and environmental technologies at the South West Regional Development Agency. In the year before his RDA role, Paul obtained an MBA from Exeter University where he developed his interest in Sustainability, researching the applicability of Corporate Social Responsibility to the SME for his dissertation.

Prior to the MBA, Paul worked as a Product Line Manager in a Devon SME, manufacturing components to go into fibre optic communication systems. His role involved successfully project managing a cross-departmental team to take a new product from conception through to volume production.