Image courtesy of Helen Nance

Image courtesy of Helen Nance

The unique nature of the Coast Laboratory facilities offer media opportunities of varying natures. Below are examples of how our facilities have been used by the media in documentaries and other outlets.

BBC Crowd Science: Wave Power

Why can't we use energy from the waves of the sea to create all the electricity that we need? Listener Michael in Kingston, Jamaica wants to know. Living on a Caribbean island means he’s never far from the might of the ocean – so could it power his house?

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Hear the crashing of waves in a giant tank used to test future wave energy devices. Presenter Greg Foot finds out more from Professor Deborah Greaves.

Listen to the COAST Laboratory Ocean Basin segment.

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BBC: Weather World

The coastline around the British Isles is often lashed by big waves and stormy seas. Now a new project at the University is looking to harness the power of those storms to not only create electricity but also act as a coastal defence at the same time. BBC Weather's Nick Miller investigates as part of the latest episode of Weather World.

Featuring Professor Deborah Greaves and James Allen.

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First broadcast 26/08/2016.


National Geographic: Drain the Bermuda Triangle​

As part of the National Geographic documentary 'Drain the Bermuda Triangle', the Coast Lab facilities were used to generate rogue waves in the attempt to sink a scale model of a cargo vessel. 

View the short clip from the episode showing the rogue wave and the results of the test.

Screenshot from Drain the Bermuda Triangle