Collaborative Computational Project in wave Structure Interaction (CCP-WSI)

Title: Collaborative Computational Project in wave Structure Interaction (CCP-WSI)

Funding body: EPSRC (EP/M022382/1)

Funding period: 1 Oct 2015 – 30 Sept 2020

Principle Researchers: Professor Deborah Greaves (University of Plymouth)

Post-Doctoral Research Assistants: Dr Edward Ransley (University of Plymouth)

The Collaborative Computational Project in Wave Structure Interaction (CCP-WSI) aims to build the community of researchers and developers around wave structure interaction and to provide a focus for software development and code rationalisation.

There are four major project objectives:

1. To build and grow a community of researchers, data, code and expertise within the area of wave structure interaction (WSI) with the shared objective of building a national NWT facility and building capacity for high quality research in an area of high national importance.

2. To bring together experimentalists, computer scientists and CFD engineers to allow development and sharing of ideas and processes for validation by laboratory measurements and other available data such as field observations and /or analytical solutions, as appropriate.

3. To provide advanced training in computer science and software development, including verification and validation of computational models and characterisation of data arising from experiment.

4. To provide a framework for innovation and the development of strategic software for WSI applications driven by the focus group and road mapping exercise.

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