Nur Roszi, MSc Coastal Engineering

The COAST Engineering Research Group are actively involvement with local and national companies. We welcome collaborative projects with industry and view these as an important part of our mission. 

We have made significant contributions to a variety of consultancy studies including:

  • Slapton Coastal processes Study, Collaboration with Scott Wilson;
  • Thames Water Reservoir Advisory Panel, to oversee UK’s largest new water resource development scheme;
  • South Milton Sands Future Management Study, consultants to the National Trust;
  • Exe Estuary Management Study, collaboration with Halcrow Group Ltd;
  • Risk Analysis for Coastal Erosion, Contract Research for DEFRA;
  • ​Analysis of past and future sandbank behaviour of the Gt Yarmouth sandbanks for International Port Holdings.


Our expertise covers physical modelling using the COAST Laboratory facilities, numerical modelling (an example of which is the CCP-WSI project) and analytical modelling.

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