Fieldwork overlooking the sea at Loe Bar, Cornwall
Grants are very important to support any COAST Engineering Research Group research opportunities through sources of funds from Government, industry and academia. Here a list of current and recent grants within the COAST engineering research group.
These are our current/recent research grants:

E P/K024108/1 ENFORCE - Extreme responses using NewWave: Forces, Overtopping and Run-up in Coastal Engineering, 2014 – 2017

EU FP7 £100k, Marie Curie WaveImpact, end date 31/12/2017​

EPSRC £289k Virtual Wave Structure Interaction (WSI) Simulation, end date 31/03/2016​

EPSRC £434k Hydrodynamics fabric structures for wave energy (SQUID), end date 31/12/2015​

EU FP7 £132k, Interreg OFELIA, end date 31/10/15​

EPSRC £436k, Fundamentals and reliability of offshore structure hydrodynamics (FROTH), end date 30/04/2015​

University of Plymouth - Santander seed-corn scholarship (£5k, 2014), plus raised money for a submarine project

EU Atlantic Arc Programme £80k, Atlantic Power Cluster, end date 31/07/2014​

Marine Research Infrastructures Network for Energy Technologies, MaRINET, EU FP7 Infrastructures, total approx 10 million euro, UoP (£86,421) 2011 - 2015​

EPSRC £209k, Extreme loading of marine energy devices (X-MED), end date 07/12/2014​

Marine Energy in Far Peripheral & Island Communities (MERiFIC) Interreg Proposal 693,298 euro £613,429 (UoP £197,482) 1 04 2011 – 30 – 6 – 2014​

SOWFIA (Streamlining of Offshore Wave Farms Impact Assessment) European Project: Intelligent Energy Europe Programme IEE, PI and Coordinator of 10 Partner Project: total 1.9 million euro, 437,359 euro to UoP (£336,430). 2010 – 2013​

THESEUS (Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate), EU FP7 Project £297,251 (€386,427), Dec 2009 – Nov 2013​.