MTG Platform Concept 2 (MTG2)

Title: MTG Platform Concept 2 (MTG2)

Funding body: Innovate UK (103499)

Funding period: Oct 2017 – Mar 2019

Principle Researchers: Professor Deborah Greaves (University of Plymouth)

Post-Doctoral Research Assistants: Dr Edward Ransley (University of Plymouth), Dr Scott Brown (University of Plymouth), Dr Nan Xie (University of Plymouth)

MTG Platform Concept 2 (MTG2) is a follow on project from the successful early stage energy catalyst project MTG Tidal Raft Platform Concept (MTG1) and is an 18 month consortium project to establish a pilot scale platform for the rapid deployment and operation of turbines generating energy from tidal and run of river flow. The MTG2 consortium includes Modular Tide Generators Ltd. (MTG); A&P Group; the University of Exeter and the University of Plymouth. The project focuses on three areas of innovative technical development towards the commercialisation of the platform:

  • Validation and refinement of the numerical models, developed during the early stage, through extensive physical tank testing;
  • Development of a full scale prototype for field demonstration;
  • Appraisal of the platform to rapidly install and remove turbines and power modules;
  • Testing the innovations component functionality and integration during field demonstration, in particular the ‘Modular’ and ‘Hot-Swap’ systems;
  • De-risking of operations at scale; including full life cycle costs (deployment strategies, development & production costs, reliability assessment).

Figure 1: Screenshot from simulation of the MTG platform raft concept.

Figure 1: Screenshot from simulation of the MTG platform raft concept.