The Centre for Health Technology’s interdisciplinary, cross-sector collaboration and partnership working with people and organisations locally, nationally and internationally is essential to our ability to develop and apply novel technologies and health technology-enabled approaches for patient and public benefit.

We collaborate closely with NHS, industry, health and social care organisations, charities, patient groups and other universities across the South West region and beyond.

As part of this approach, and to enable greater connection and collaboration around digital health across the South West of England and beyond, we have facilitated the set-up and development of the South West Interdisciplinary Technology Consortium for Health and care (SWITCH) Ecosystem.

Why work with us?

The Centre for Health Technology facilitates access to the University of Plymouth’s wide range of health technology expertise and is your gateway to relevant health and care organisations and ‘end-users’ (clinicians, patients and public) on the ground throughout the South West region.

Such collaborative working is helping to facilitate everything from fundamental health technology research and innovation to co-design of new technology-enabled approaches empowering patients to manage their own health and care, from digital skills training of health professionals to the evaluation and implementation of innovative digital solutions at institutional and regional/national level.

SWITCH Ecosystem for digital health innovation

The Centre for Health Technology is an integral part of the SWITCH ecosystem - an interdisciplinary cross-sector consortium focused on digital health innovation and implementation. Part of the European Connected Health Alliance and linked to the wider Digital Health Ecosystem Network, SWITCH seeks to incubate, accelerate, embed and export innovative technology solutions in health and care.

It brings together organisations from the South West and beyond to create an ecosystem to collaborate, share best practice, explore shared challenges around health, care and wellness with the view to foster economic growth in the region. It will provide a single front door for industry, researchers and investors looking for partners, infrastructure and expertise, acting as the ‘go-to’ innovation enabler for service users, funders and local businesses.

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SWITCH Ecosystem for digital health innovation

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