Technologies shown to participants to create the GOALD toolkit

Within the Centre for Health Technology

In total, over 20 technologies were shown to our intergenerational participants during our workshops. We present a selection of them below.
Digital heritage
  • Ability to explore heritage remotely.
  • Immersed in heritage sites with visual and audio media.
  • Heritage sites 3D scanned.
  • 3D printed model of artefacts from location.
Elderly man using VR headset - getty
Motus VR headsets
MOTUS VR: Omnidirectional treadmill with VR
3 devices:
  • Standing omnidirectional treadmill allowing users to explore sites by moving their bodies which translates to movements within device.
  • Seated treadmill experience where feet movements allow you to explore virtual environments.
  • Seated experience allowing user to explore 360 videos through head movements.
Includes social experiences where users can be in the same virtual environment. 
Ocean Conservation Trust: National Marine Aquarium
  • Underwater 360 videos taken from the National Marine Aquarium that are loaded in VR headset.
  • Movement of head, or tilting of headset, allows user to explore underwater content.
  • Accommpanied by sea life artefacts for educational component.
Lady with VR headset in the aquarium
Elderly person in wheelchair exercising using a virtual reality (VR) headset
Apps from Oculus Store
  • National Geographic Explore VR Oculus app and Brink Traveller were presented to participants based on feedback on Phase 3 GOALD research before taking part in co-design sessions.
  • National Geographic: allows physical movements to explore through adventures in nature.
  • Brink Traveller: allows users to explore popular locations around the world and learn facts on these destinations.
DanceSing and DanceSing Care
  • Online platform with follow-along dancing, yoga, pilates, ballet and singing.
  • Live sessions available.
  • Social element provided via associated Facebook group.
  • DanceSing Care provides similar platform for those in care settings, more chair-based exercises.
  • Developed with health professionals.
Stock Photo ID: 1902432778Happy old middle aged senior 50s couple learning to meditate at home watching live online tv yoga class tutorial on website looking at laptop computer doing virtual training fitness workout exercises.
Physical activity elderly people
Vitality Hub - Mature Movers
  • Online platform with exercise classes for over 60's and those with chronic illness.
  • In home personal trainer.
  • Timetabled live classes.
  • Associated Facebook group for social element.
  • Group physical activity classes.
Elder Gym
  • Online platform with exercise classes for older adults, including strength, endurance, balance, flexibility.
  • Videos on posture and breathing techniques.
  • Associated Facebook group for social element.
  • Monthly live Q&A calls.
Elderly lady doing sit ups on gym floor
Carer Pushing Senior Woman In Wheelchair Outside Home
Wheel power
  • Online exercise platform with chair based and wheelchair suitable exercise videos.
  • Includes breathing exercises, yoga, relaxation, strength and adaptive box fit classes.
  • Live online classes.
Good Boost work with leisure centres, swimming pools, gyms and aged care settings to support therapeutic exercise for older people. This includes programmes for individuals or groups on water-based exercises, either in-person or virtually via a waterproof tablet.
Ladies in a swimming pool with an ipad at the side
Patients using HUR
Hur provide exercise and wellness solutions for older adults through pneumatic strength training products and balance training equipment, such as a balance training platform paired with a display screen that uses the persons movement to control a skiing penguin. 
RetroRehab is a product created by Good Boost. RetroRehab is an online platform with a set of interactive exercise 'arcade style' games to encourage healthy ageing. The activities aim to gamify exercises that are regularly used as part of rehabilitation programmes to improve co-ordination, balance and daily activities. 
Example of a RetroRehab game