Centre for Health Technology
Healthcare systems worldwide are striving for the ‘quadruple aim’ of better population health and reducing inequalities, improved experience of care, healthcare team well-being (including that of carers) and lower system costs. 
Many technological solutions exist to support this ambition. However, health and care systems are not making the most of the technological revolution, due to a range of architectural, evidential and cultural challenges. 
A particular strength of the Centre of Health Technology is that it brings together a team with expertise not just across a range of technologies but in the barriers to digital transformation in health and social care.

Our themes

Our work is split over three research themes

<p>eHealth EPIC technology robots</p>

Digital health technologies
A wide range of digital health technologies can prevent ill-health, promote well-being and support the delivery of health and social care.

<p>Telerehab patients communicating with health practitioners using a laptop<br></p>

Technology-informed practice
From remote monitoring of health conditions and patient self-care management to supporting lifestyle behaviour change and managing appointments.

<p>D-PACT: Carer and elderly woman communicating remotely.<br></p>

Digital transformation at the system level
Looking to a digital future with improved health outcomes, increased efficiency, and ultimately reduced health-care expenditure.

The old normal: our future health 

The Centre for Health Technology brings together researchers with over 30 years of evidence-based research experience in health and technology. Together, they work to enable innovative healthcare solutions that reduce the pressure on services, support healthy ageing in our communities and stimulate an economy of wellbeing that benefits all. 

In this series, they share their views on the current state of health and care in the UK, and what its future could look like.
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