Movecare: Multiple-actors Virtual Empathic Caregivers for the Elderly
The UK and Europe are facing a rapid increase in the elderly population and Movecare was designed to look towards new and developing technologies to tackle some of the greatest challenges in health and social care, and allow people to stay at home for longer. The Horizon 2020 funded project was co-ordinated in Milan with the University of Plymouth's Centre for Health Technology leading a €440,000 strand on social interaction, supporting independent living through the use of robotic companions.
Movecare allowed researchers at the University, led by Professor Ray Jones to study the University's Pepper robot in a more realistic, home-like environment rather than in a lab, to identify the impact on the elderly.

Pepper – a humanoid robot

Pepper is one of the most advanced humanoid robots currently available on the market – with others sure to follow. Thanks to his voice recognition system and exceptional artificial intelligence, he is capable of maintaining a conversation.

Pepper is capable of identifying your emotions, such a joy, sadness, anger or surprise and can adjust his behaviour according to your mood.

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