Anna Busby

Plymouth, naturally

Plymouth is different from what people think is “typical” England. The city has a different pace to London, but it is not as slow as a small town, and the University really cares about using the natural resources to their advantage.

My first journey from the United States to Plymouth was by myself in September 2018. I had not visited the campus before, so I had no idea where anything was at all but Plymouth’s location is amazing. Everything is close by, so travel is incredibly easy.

I came to study at the University of Plymouth because it was somewhere I had never heard of before and I found that exciting. I also have a love for travel and a love for education, and the University offered me a chance to do both.

Arriving in the city

"I booked myself an Airbnb for a week to give myself a chance to find housing. 
I thought Plymouth was so beautiful and the campus was amazing. I found housing pretty easily the first day I got here and was all moved in by the next weekend.
I wish I had known more about what to expect with the visa process and had more information on how to find housing, such as how long it would take, where accommodation is in relation to campus and how far of a walk it is, what is a typical rent price, etc. 
In some aspects I feel like I went in blind with these things, but I lucked out and everyone was super helpful once I got here.
I am looking to stay and work after graduation, so I have asked the University's International team plenty of questions about visas and so on.
The faculty here make you feel like they are on your level, not above you, which makes asking questions less stressful. Everyone is always incredibly helpful!"

Anna's top tips for international students

  • Look right when you cross a street, not left

  • Pedestrians do not have the right of way, cars do

  • Don’t be afraid to socialise and go to events

  • The library is your new best friend and they have lots of helpful resources to utilise

  • The SU (Students' Union) is a nice place to study if you like some noise

  • Join a club to meet new people

  • Introduce yourself to expand your friend base and boost your confidence

  • Don't forget a copy of your passport, a rain jacket, outlet adapters and waterproof shoes.

International Plymouth

"Being an international student here feels very welcoming. I have made friends from all over the world due to the high international population. I have had the chance to learn about different cultures and world views. I purposely chose an English-speaking country to make the transition here easier, but there is still that language barrier, which has been fun to navigate. 

I have also found it far less expensive to travel around Europe than around the United States, which has been incredible when trying to explore on student funds. Also, they drive on the other side of the road which has been challenging to remember at times. There is always support if you need it. The international office is always there for a quick question and you should never be afraid to ask about anything, even if you think it is silly."

“Put yourself out there to clubs and you will meet so many amazing people. Don’t think you have to hide out because you don’t know anyone. Everyone here is looking for new friends and new experiences, so you are not alone.”

“I really like catching the train to a new little town for the day and exploring. My favourite place so far has been Looe because it is right on the water and very traditional.”

Looe. harbour
Looe, Cornwall

'It feels nice being part of a different community'

Anna explains why she chose to come to the UK to study


My typical week in Plymouth

"I found it easy to meet new people because my housemates are super friendly, and they all have friends I have met and become friends with myself. Everyone on my programme is nice as well, very welcoming. 

I joined the volleyball club and made lots of friends through that. My tips for meeting new people would be to join a club because then you have a common interest. 

I love getting food at the Stable and Nando’s, but my favourite would be The Bank. 

They have the best mac and cheese and the atmosphere is relaxing and fun. 

The Stable does have cider floats, which is an awesome way to expand your taste buds. 

A typical weekend for me would be going to dinner with my friends on a Friday and sometimes going out on Union Street for a night out.

On Saturdays I walk around town and run errands and maybe walk up to the Hoe or by Jennycliff. Sundays are for catching up on school work and preparing for the week.

I have also travelled to new countries and had time to explore the South West and all the history it has to offer.

I have had the chance to make lifelong friends and pursue new business ideas and opportunities I never thought I would get to do."

The Barbican, Plymouth.
The Barbican, Plymouth. Getty Images
The Barbican, Plymouth.

“I enjoy walks by The Barbican, Jennycliff and Wembury”

Wembury 1/3
Wembury 2/3
Wembury 3/3
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