Sharique Ahmad MSc Data Science and Business Analytics student

Harvard Business Review has described data science as the sexiest job of the 21st century.

The buzz around data science, and my previous work which had an element of data interpretation in it, increased my curiosity even further and it eventually pushed me to pursue data science.
I decided to study with the University’s School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics because of the way the course was structured. It was a perfect blend of business, computing and mathematics and this is what I was looking for.
We were introduced to different programming languages during Semester 1, such as R, Python and SQL. During Semester 2 it became more intensive as we studied statistics and its applications using machine learning.

The lecturers are really helpful and always available if you have a problem

MSc Data Science and Business Analytics is a conversion programme, which allows you to pursue a career or gain additional skills and knowledge that your undergraduate course did not prepare you for. As I had no prior background related to data science (coding in particular) I faced a bit of challenge adapting to the course. But the modules are designed in such a way to get you up to speed quickly, and the teachers are so helpful and approachable at every step that they make things easier.
Sharique Ahmad sitting by computers

Looking at things from a different angle

I am currently working on pricing of financial options using non-parametric distribution for my dissertation. I believe that there is scope in this area for improvement as financial options have until now been priced using parametric distributions. So, I wanted to take a different view on the topic and see if it yields better results as it accommodates more extreme events compared to the previous work done in this area. Also, I wanted to work on something related to finance and therefore I went ahead with this topic.
There are some micro internships which are available during the holiday breaks which students can apply for. I am hoping to gain some industry related work experience after completing my programme. I want to be a professional data scientist in the long run but initially I want to kick things off by becoming an analyst. I want to stay in the UK initially as I want to gain experience here and then carry the best practices from here back to my home country.

Support every step of the way

The International Student Advice (ISA) team is always available to help international students with any issues they might be facing (both in person and via zoom calls). This was reassuring as moving to and settling in a new country could be a daunting task sometimes. Also, various sessions are held to help international students get to know each other and interact with fellow students which is also a huge help to make new friends and network.
Student Hub

If you are a nature lover like me you are going to love this place as there’s lots to explore. 

Since I like exploring natural places, I would highly recommend future students to explore the little gems in and around Plymouth. Cornwall is right next to Plymouth and is a really beautiful place. Take a trip to Dartmoor, Mount Edgcumbe, Plymbridge, Looe, Polperro and the list goes on and on. 
I am planning to join some adventure related clubs during summer as I want to explore some new skills like surfing or paddle boarding. The Students' Union (SU) organises various events which is a great thing for students as they can get a feel of different activities and choose which one, they want to carry on with. Also, the SU is a great place to unwind and relax and they organise many events and parties throughout the year. 

So don’t miss out on them and make some memories. 

Looe. harbour
Great Staple tor Dartmoor Devon UK
Plymbridge woods, Devon, UK

MSc Data Science and Business Analytics

This one-year conversion programme is designed for graduates from a wide range of disciplines and experience. You will develop skills in data analytics, computing and business. Using sophisticated analytics techniques, including social network visualisation and sentiment analysis, and professional software, including R tidyverse, Python and SQL/NoSQL, you gain the skills and knowledge to transform data into commercial value and boost your employability.
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