Henrikas Alisauskas - BSc (Hons) International Business

Lithuanian Henrikas found Plymouth was the perfect office space to study business


"I believe the quality of education at the University empowers students to achieve the best of their potential as long as they dedicate their efforts to studying and completing their coursework assignments"

Henrikas Alisauskas

Making the leap

I wanted to study for a degree that would allow me to travel and have flexibility in my academic choices. The University of Plymouth proved to be one of the best choices in that regard as the International Business degree gave me the choice to study or to work for a whole year anywhere in the world!

My first journey to Plymouth was unique as this was the first time I had travelled so far out of London. Prior to starting my studies, I had travelled around a considerable amount, however, arriving in Plymouth was a new experience altogether because it felt strangely familiar and welcoming

The fear I initially experienced was evanescent because as soon as I reached my accommodation I was greeted with smiling, friendly faces and they were all eager to help me get settled in. I started chatting with my future flatmates within minutes of entering the flat.


"International students should not feel afraid to talk to people and ask questions. I occasionally notice nuances which tell international students apart from the UK-based students; international students tend to isolate themselves from other groups and therefore miss out on potential friendships and interactions which could lead to opportunities for new experiences

There are some cultural differences, such as the way people view religion, and the food that they eat.

Fish and chips is a traditional go-to dish in the UK – especially in Plymouth –, whereas in Lithuania the fish would be done very differently (smoked or pan-fried) and probably be served with boiled potatoes rather than chips."

"Contrary to what some people may think, there is not much emphasis on being an international student, as in the end we’re all just students working towards obtaining our degree. I find that it is just as easy to fit in with the domestic students as it is with the internationals."

Look after each other

 In the first year, everyone will be a little shy and looking to meet new people. 
Don’t be afraid to say “hello”! That’s all it takes to initiate a conversation and it can lead to so many opportunities, and make your university experience one hundred times more interesting and fulfilling.
The more people you meet, the more chances you have to make life-long friends.
It’s so easy to meet and establish friendships with people of different cultures, nationalities, upbringings at the university – all it takes is to approach a person and a conversation will ignite.
There are various services around campus designed to offer students hope in times of struggle, and it's best to tackle any issues as soon as you can because things can change and you may need support, so knowing where and how to approach those services early on can make a real difference.

"The Royal William Yard is an elegant place filled with bustle in the summer months...

Royal William Yard 1
Royal William Yard 2
Royal William Yard 3

...Dartmoor, on the other hand, is tranquil and takes you away from civilisation for a brief moment – it’s the perfect place to camp for a night."

Dartmoor 2/3
Dartmoor 3/3
Dartmoor 1/3

"Watching the cerulean sky and the waves along the Hoe shoreline is one of the most peaceful things to do, and one of the main attractions for people visiting Plymouth."

The Hoe 1/3
The Hoe 2/3
The Hoe 3/3

Business lunch

There is a tiny Thai cuisine restaurant just five minutes away from the University and the food there is delicious! For special occasions, the Royal William Yard offers a lot of cuisine choices with Las Iguanas being my favourite. 

Of course, Plymouth would not be Plymouth without the famed Wetherspoon pubs which are a fantastic choice for big group meals as it is very cheap for both food and drinks

Most weekends bring the students out of their dwellings and the library and into the clubs around town.

The Student Union hosts club nights over the weekend which bring students in to let off some steam from their busy schedules. 

I like to spend most weekends with friends, either going to a pub to listen to music and have some drinks or have a night playing games, catching-up and then going to town for the night.

After nights out the Caffeine Club and Jake’s are two of the favoured choices, both offering fast, reasonably priced food.

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