Architecture about page - Roland Levinsky Building
Andy Humphreys – BA (Hons) Architecture Programme Leader – outlines our legacies and future visions
We believe in diversity, intelligent questioning of norms and a society of independent thinkers. We believe in architecture being available to all, and a future beyond that currently known; we believe in creating history. 
Our pedagogy is founded upon dialogue and invitation, rather than ‘instruction.’ We value you as an individual, and the unique perspective you bring to the table. The course is structured in such a way to allow you to tap into your full potential to become critical, creative, technical and strategic thinkers of the future. An aspect of this process is formed through study trips, as well as the opportunity to study abroad. The methods used and practical skills attained in this course will give you the agility and resilience required for the future of the profession, as well as the drive to keep challenging and extending the current boundaries of knowledge. Yet, you will have the opportunity for work-life balance.
Our positioning is local and regional, as well as national and global. You will engage with architects and related built environment professionals, government bodies and other organisations concerned about the built environment, communities and clients in a range of local, regional and international settings. The work that you undertake here as a student can and will make a difference to the communities we are working with. 
Our multinational members of staff are internationally recognised in their fields of research and established in the industry. You will be engaged in and exposed to various global concerns, innovative methods and interdisciplinary thinking – building performance and ecology, urban dialogues(civic engagement, heritage and tradition), displacement, space, politics and violence, smart cities, augmented realities and audiovisual immersive fields.
Architecture at Plymouth the Hoe Building - 1951
Architecture at the Hoe building - 1951
Plymouth Polytechnic - 1969
Plymouth Polytechnic - 1969