BA (Hons) Architecture student working on a city sketch in the Roland Levinsky studio

Teaching and learning experience during your first semester of BA (Hons) Architecture

Introducing you to our vibrant studio culture through a range of lectures, workshops and group activities

Thinking through making

During the first few weeks of BA (Hons) Architecture, students are introduced to our vibrant studio culture through a range of lectures, workshops and group activities that revolve around the idea of thinking through making whereby architecture is itself considered a way of making and thinking about the world around us.
These sessions are designed to teach students the fundamental skills for architectural communication, create knowledge, build environments and transform the spaces we use.

BA Architecture - Nick Gilbert Scott in Studio
Our studio space
BA Architecture - origami workshop
Origami workshop
Ba Architecture - origami workshop
BA Architecture - introduction lecture 
Introductory lecture

The design process

In these introductory sessions, students are expected to develop an awareness of working to scale, constructing space around the body through a range of physical and drawn proxemics studies.
Daily observational drawing exercises get students used to the sketchbook – the place of ideas, fine tuning ways of looking at and analysing architecture revealing individual interests and sensibilities.
Combining ways of looking and drawing, students then begin to deconstruct three-dimensional spaces and objects into three-dimensional orthographic projections. Plans, sections and elevation drawings are fundamental tools for an architect. In order to learn to apply these skills students survey, draft and design a place or device related to a small design brief.  
As we navigate students through these design steps, they begin to engage in a valuable design process, a messy and exciting way of building up design intention and challenging it through collaboration in studio – much like working in practice.

BA Architecture - Observational Drawing Rob Orton, Ayse Karakula and Zara Tyldesley.
Observational drawing by Rob Orton, Ayse Karakula and Zara Tyldesley
BA Architecture - student work by Elliot Pepper
Work from Elliot Pepper
BA Architecture - Nomadic drafting station by Oscar Blake
Nomadic drafting station by Oscar Blake

Inspiring curation

In recent years students have visited the nearby museum, The Box, and received a talk about curating and exhibiting their work, skills to be applied to their own presentation of work from the first few weeks of studying architecture.

BA Architecture The Box curation analysis
Curation analysis at The Box
Ba Architecture The Box immersive exhibition 
Immersive exhibition at The Box