Displacement Studies Research Network

The Displacement Studies Research Network is a global multidisciplinary community of scholars, practitioners and organisations working at the intersection between displacement, heritage, and creativity to research, share, and enhance the impact and power of the creative agencies of displaced peoples, their culture, identity, heritage, health and well-being.

The Network is dedicated to collaborative partnerships with displaced communities, and to tracing, responding to, and informing relevant policy and practice.

We have a breadth of research expertise including resilient community building through entrepreneurial activity, urban mapping, disaster risk management, heritage and peace building, creativity and psychology of the displaced, refugee law, identity, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, literature, poetry, art, media and performance. We also welcome new members with complementary areas of expertise and who share our mission.

University of Plymouth members

External members

  • Professor Mick Dumper (Professor in Middle East Politics, University of Exeter)
  • Dr Diana Walters (International Heritage Consultant, UK)
  • Saif Ali (Founder and director of www.integr8uk.org charity/programme)
  • Dr Nasser Yassin (Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, American University of Beirut, Lebanon)
  • Dr Aida Essaid (Information Research Centre, King Hussein Foundation, Jordan)
  • Said Ebbini (Research Section Head, Information and Research Centre, King Hussein Foundation, Jordan)
  • Dr Ahmed Masoud (Writer and Director of Al Zaytouna Dance Theatre, UK)
  • Professor Ghada Siliq (Authority on Iraq's architectural heritage and worked extensively on urban conservation)
  • Tim Slade (Award winning and international writer, director and producer)
  • Diego Maranan (Interaction Design and Embodied Technologies, University of the Philippines)

  • Pamela Cajilig (Design & Business Anthropologist, Communication Strategist, and Human Rights Advocate)
  • David Feindouno (Devon Area Manager, British Red Cross)
  • Isaac Kelly (Students and Refugees Together charity START management team)
  • Lucy Durneen (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
  • Hoayda Darkal (PhD researcher, Human Geography and Resilience)
  • Rupert Allan (Humanitarian Community Mapping Coordinator; Research Associate: Transtechnology - AHRC)
  • Nadeen Albitar (PhD researcher with Architecture, Urban/Social Mapping)
  • Eugenia Stamboliev (PhD researcher with Trans-Technology and CogNovo, Media Archaeology)
  • Francis Cetti (expert on Refugees Studies, previously affiliated with the University of East London, The Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging (CMRB))
  • Dr Aisling O’Loghlen (Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in Global Challenges, Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences, Northumbria University)

The Shroud Maker

The Shroud Maker is an evocative black comedy that delves deep into the troubles of Palestinians as they respond creatively to their challenging everyday lives under siege and occupation.

The play took place in June 2018

More information about the play

Reconstructed mausoleum, Timbuktu, Mali. Image credit: Francois Rihouay. © 2016 Vast Productions USA

Human and Urban Displacement: From Crises to Creativity

Launch event of the Displacement Studies Research Network

This event brings together for the first time the Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences for an international dialogue to explore the intersection between displacement, disaster risk reduction and creativity.

Joining leading experts at the University of Plymouth, some of the biggest international names involved in policy-making, funding and disaster risk reduction such as Professor Nasser Yassin and Professor Virginia Murray as well as other reputable researchers in the fields of contested arts practice and heritage, and migration geographies such as Dr Diana Walters, Dr Ahmed Masoud and Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh who will be debating, informing and uncovering collectively with established researchers and charity personals critical areas of research in displacement.

Find out more information about the event

<p>Human and Urban Displacement - launch event<br></p>
<p>Human and Urban Displacement - launch event<br></p>