Architecture model

Our BA (Hons) Architecture students are exposed to different research methods and interdisciplinary approaches to help them expand the understanding of current world issues, as well as critically inform their comprehension of the relationship between history, theory and practice. One of these methods is film. Examples below demonstrate some audiovisual work produced by our Year 2 students for History, Theory and Critical Context in 2020.

William Martyn uses moving image to explore the relationship between borders, violence, migration and inclusivity.

Sophie James seeks to understand the notion of belonging through the dissemination of place and non-place.

Lucas Voss’ film addresses the relationship between security, surveillance and deviance in public spaces.

Anna Longley’s interest in social housing led her to explore the impact of gentrification on the working class.

Daniel Rowley’s qualitative research unpicks the impact of urban sprawl on the state of environmental resources.

Rebekah Marr’s interest in fashion led her to explore the nexus of climate change and smart fashion design/architecture.